PgMP Handbook



Book Title:  Program Management Professional (PgMP) Handbook
Author:  Anand Vijayakumar
Publisher:  Notion Press
List Price:   $45.00
Format:  220 Pages, Soft cover
Publication Date: 2020
ISBN: 978-1-64919-578-4
Reviewer: Amitha Mosapeta, MBA, MS, PMP
Review Date: May 2022



The central purpose of this book is to understand the program management performance domains as per the Standard for Program Management by PMI. Overcome commonly faced challenges as a program manager, and successfully deliver benefits and business value. Support your organization’s pursuit of strategic objectives and goals through effective program management. Understand the PgMP exam syllabus and submit the PgMP Application as well as prepare for the PgMP exam.

Fundamentally, Program Management is Project Management “on steroids” with more complexity and significant need for comprehensive communication

Overview of Book’s Structure

    • Chapter 1 – Introduction and Basics
    • Chapter 2 – The Basics
    • Chapter 3 – Program Stakeholder Engagement
    • Chapter 4 – Program Strategy Alignment
    • Chapter 5 – Program Benefits Management
    • Chapter 6 – Program Governance
    • Chapter 7 – Program Lifecycle Management
    • Chapter 8 – Program Integration Management
    • Chapter 9 – Program Activities
    • Chapter 10 – Preparation and Exam Taking Tips
    • Chapter 11 – Author’s PgMP Exam Experience


Chapter 1 emphasizes on gives details on Why Become PgMP Certified, PgMP Eligibility Criteria, Application Process and PMI’s Audit Process. The book uses pictorial representations and program life-cycle based references as much as possible along with both exam & real like tips under the title of “W-o-W” short for Words of Wisdom: to facilitate easier understanding and application of the concepts, as well as pointers to remember for the exam.

Understanding the 6 key Performance Domains which include the following:

    1. Strategic Program Management
    2. Benefits Management
    3. Stakeholder Engagement
    4. Program Governance
    5. Program Lifecycle and
    6. PMI code of Ethics & Professional Conduct.

Author recommends pursuing PMP credential before pursuing PgMP as it will help to understand the PMI’s structured project management methodology and prepare you for the next journey which will be program management. Also emphasizes that as a program manager, one needs to fully understand the role of a project manager and how they will manage their projects.

Chapter 2 mentions basic concepts of project, program and portfolio management and relationship between them. A portfolio will consist of one or more programs and or projects and operations. A program will consist of one or more projects and or sub programs/subsidiary programs. The author explains the difference between Projects and Operations (A function will continue for a long time and may not have a definitive end in the near future), Project Life Cycle and Process Groups and Project Management Knowledge Areas.


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About the Reviewer

Amitha Mosapeta, MBA, MS, PMP

Dallas, Texas, USA


Miss Amitha Mosapeta is a Business System Analyst (BSA) with extensive experience in business analysis, project management, implementation, customization, and integration for companies in the financial services, manufacturing, and service industries. Amitha has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Master’s degree in Business Administration with specialization in Marketing, Master’s in Computer Science and has obtained the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification in 2014. She can be contacted at amitha.mosapeta@gmail.com

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