Next-Level Negotiating



Book Title:  Next-Level Negotiating (HBR Women at Work Series)
Authors: Amy Gallo, Deborah M. Kolb, Suzanne de Janasz, and Deepa Purushothaman
Publisher: Harvard Business Review (HBR Press)
List Price: $24.95     Format: Soft cover, 224 pages
Publication Date: December 2022
ISBN: 13: 978-1-64782-433-4
Reviewer: Dora Jara, PMP
Review Date: January 2023



This book appealed to me as it doesn’t hurt to see what is being marketed towards women, especially in negotiating. Normally I avoid any “women” marketed subjects and events since they have often come off as an “us vs. them” angle. Since I happen to be woman who enjoys negotiating, it seemed fitting to review despite my known bias.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The layout and rhythm are well laid out. The four (4) sections with their corresponding subsets are relevant and tight. From preparation to negotiating your own terms, managing your emotions, and negotiating your role, responsibilities, and salary, it was an enjoyed journey. The footnotes were a favorite!


The research that went into this publication gives us key information about what women and women of color (WOC), encounter in the workplace. It provides insight into other English-speaking nations, so it is not specific to the United States. It gives a very balanced perspective on the common obstacles and solutions women facing negotiations encounter today. From studies done decades past going into 2022, it shows the journey of women and how they have perceived negotiating, how they approached it, avoided it, made mistakes, and had remarkable success achieved. It did not come from an opinion-styled perspective, rather, it comes off as true investigative journalism where past oversights in researching were acknowledged, then addressed. Peer-reviewed data found in this book all the more solidifies it as a must-read for any woman in the business world.

Highlights: What I liked!

It was practical and did not have a tone of victimizing women and demonizing men in business practices as has been very popular in recent years. Empirical data that at times surprised the authors was included and myths were addressed and dismissed when applicable.


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About the Reviewer

Dora Jara

Little Elm, Texas, USA


Dora Jara is a Chicago native who grew up in the arts with a love for math, chess, finding creative solutions, and exploring. She has over ten (10) years of IT experience and project experience, PMP certified in late 2020. She can be contacted at  dorjara@live.com

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