Managing Business Projects



Book Title: Managing Business Projects: The Essentials
Author: Frank Einhorn
Publisher: CRC Press; Taylor & Francis Group; An Auerbach Book
List Price: $69.95
Format: Softcover, 488 pages
Publication Date: 2023
ISBN: 9781032276021
Reviewer: Alexis Ledesma, PMP
Review Date: 02/09/2024


Project management is a methodology that offers a set of defined actions to be followed by a person/team and the required formal documentation that is created, maintained, and delivered throughout the project lifetime. The objectives, goals, cost, size, schedule, and other factors vary from project to project; therefore, one specific approach/methodology does not fit all projects. Traditional project management books and trainings tend to focus on construction and engineering projects, with very defined steps and outcomes; however, with business projects more unknown and change are present. Managing Business Projects focuses on small to medium sized business projects under $20 million, covering the essentials that pertain to almost all business projects.

The content covers the project lifecycle (formal start of project to closeout), and the various key players involved. It is intended to feel very informal and conversational. The author encourages the reader to compare the material and suggestions from the book to what they do and what they believe works best for their project, in the hope that the readers knowledge, understanding, and overall comfort with business project management grows and improves.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book is broken down into 4 parts (37 chapters), each part starts with an introduction, which is very helpful for the reader to understand what they are about to read and if that part is where they need to be. It is important to note that each chapter starts with the objectives for that chapter! As a reader, I really like this detail because it helps me prepare my mind for the material I am about to ingest.

  • Part 1. Overview (4 chapters)
    • Lays the foundation for understanding general business project management and what is essential from the project manager, and other key players.
  • Part 2. Core Elements (14 chapters)
    • Emphasizes in detail the essentials that need to be done rigorously and methodically throughout most business projects.
  • Part 3. Special Topics (14 chapters)
    • Discusses the unique concepts and principles that may not be seen or used in most or all business projects but may be necessary or crucial in certain circumstances.
  • Part 4. Wrap-Up and Learning Materials (5 chapters)
    • Is the final bow of the book! It takes the reader through a summary of the exhaustive material that was covered throughout the book. Several of the final chapters also provide the reader with the opportunity to test their gained knowledge by providing supplemental learning/study material.


Managing Business Projects is a 488-page book, and it does a phenomenal job at covering a large number of different topics! It does so in a casual and simple manner that does not aim at confusing or putting down the reader.


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About the Reviewer

Alexis Ledesma, PMP

Plano, Texas, USA


Alexis Ledesma lives in Plano, Texas with her husband of 10 years, and two daughters (6 years old and 2 years old). She has been in the project management field since June of 2013 when she started as a junior security analyst with Systems Made Simple in Virginia. Since then, she has taken on different roles including Director of Quality and Management and Chief of Staff. Alexis enjoys learning more about project management and keeping up to date with the updates within the community. Alexis earned her PMP in June of 2023!

When not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, watching her oldest daughter compete in gymnastics, and walking her two dogs Rhino (west highland white terrier) and Miel (Honey) (retriever mix). Alexis’s favorite pass time is bowling in a Saturday night league at Plano Super Bowl.

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