Manage your tech projects better


with the right Project Management strategies



By Mahendra Gupta


Emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and cybersecurity have propelled digital transformation across the business landscape. Software or IT firms are investing heavily in planning and executing these projects successfully to maintain their competitive edge.

However, we are just at the nascent stage of the development of these projects. The complexity will increase substantially in the future. Thus, before taking up these projects, gathering accurate data, finding the right expertise, and creating the right project model is imperative.

In fact, a study from PMI suggests that Projects are 2.5 times more successful when PM practices are implemented.

So, now that we know that handling these projects is not an easy job, let’s delve into this easy guide that will help you sail through them successfully.

Tips for tech project managers 

  1. Create a systematic project plan in advance 

The first step before you begin any project is to create a well-detailed plan to ensure no task is overlooked or missed out. Especially when you are managing a tech project that demands a full-proof plan in advance. You need to get your idea right. A comprehensive project execution plan consists of roles, risk matrix, quality and testing plan, estimated schedules, and other essential details.

Now, the question is, how do we go about it when highly specialized projects have a plethora of steps to be covered?

An advanced project management tool will facilitate you to plan a pipelined project with a fine-toothed comb. Right from demand forecasting to what-if scenarios, the tool will provide you with accurate predictions to tailor the plan accordingly. This will enable you to set the scope of the project and eliminate potential pitfalls that may hinder the progress down the line.

  1. Develop domain expertise and stay abreast of novel trends 

Before you begin working on any tech-related project, you need to get your basics right and know how these technologies work. In short, a project manager should have the subject matter expertise to lead the project’s success. After all, only when a project manager is aware of the know-how of the emerging tech can he, or she bridge the existing gaps and do justice to them.

The steps, tasks, processes, and skills required to complete each project are unique, and managers must know how to go about it to ensure the project’s success. Otherwise, the project managers should scale up their game by undergoing training to hone their skills. It will help them learn the different frameworks and methodologies pertaining to the different projects and make strategic, well-informed decisions.


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Mahendra Gupta

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Mahendra Gupta is PMP certified and has expert authority in the project resourcing domain. He is a resource management and workforce planning subject matter expert at Saviom Software, a global project technology solution provider. His wealth of experience has helped over 40+ multinational businesses around the globe transform their project portfolio. Follow his work here.

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