Lean Project Management



Book Title: Lean Project Management
Author: Claus Hüsselmann
Publisher: Routledge
List Price: $58.99
Format: Softcover, 240 pages
Publication Date: 2024
ISBN: 978-1-03-255646-8
Reviewer: A.W. Schultz, PMP
Review Date: April 2024


Mr. Hüsselmann’s Lean Project Management provides an overview of the principles and practices of lean project management. It offers valuable insights into how organizations can optimize their project management processes to maximize efficiency and minimize waste. Whether you’re a seasoned project manager or just starting in the field, Lean Project Management is a valuable resource that will help you successfully navigate the complexities of project management with lean practices.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book’s structure allows readers to effortlessly access a wide range of lean approaches. The author puts forth a project management perspective on lean and effectively compares and contrasts multiple theories that can be applied to a lean project. To derive maximum value from the book, readers must possess a fundamental understanding of project management and the concept of lean, as the authors present a plethora of ideas.


In this book, the author delves into the history and evolution of lean methodology. He shares his personal reflections, experiences, and insights from other experts in the field. The book explores various project management and lean theories, ranging from Kanban to Scrum. It provides a comprehensive guide for lean project managers, covering everything they need to know to successfully run a project

Highlights: What I liked!

I have not come across a book like this that caught my attention due to its use of Lean, Six Sigma, and PMBoK guides to drive improvement. This book, called Lean Project Management, is a must-have for every project manager. It is an excellent resource to keep handy on the desk or in the backpack. It is perfect for refreshing one’s memory or learning about new principles that every project manager should know.


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About the Reviewer

A.W. Schultz

Dallas, TX, United States


A.W. Schultz, PMP is a scholar, consultant, Amazon best-selling author, and international speaker. A.W. works with those in asset management within the manufacturing communities. Specializing in improving performance and sustainability within smart factories or robust asset care programs.

A.W. has worked in manufacturing for over two decades in various industries, roles, and locations. He holds two bachelor’s degrees and an MBA and is currently working on a doctorate in Organizational Change. A.W. is a certified Project Management Professional, a Master Black Belt in Six Sigma, and a Certified Maintenance Reliability Professional.

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