Leadership – Fulcrum Above & Beyond, Part 2



By Gaurang Vora

Director, Projects & Alliances
PMOGA India Hub

Mumbai, India

In the previous article in this series, we looked at some aspects of what Leadership means, Gartner survey establishing the need for being different than before and the three mantras of being a Futuristic Thinker, to serve the people and be passionate about leadership.

In this article, we would cover some needed attributes for future leaders which I believe will be a key differentiator for them in the current context of digital transformation.

Adaptability:  I strongly feel that future leaders will have to be adaptable to the ever-changing situations around them, Covid-19 has presented one such challenging but real scenario. Nobody within the world knew that we’d be hit by such a horrific pandemic and priorities changed so quickly to accelerate the pace of work in certain cases while ensuring sustenance of business in others. Countries, economies, governments, companies, individuals all had to adapt to the new normal.

Let me share a small story that may be seen as an analogy to how leaders are no longer seen as leaders if they fail to adapt. This is a story of The Choluteca bridge in Honduras – The Choluteca Bridge (top photo) was situated in Choluteca, Honduras. The government knew the bridge was getting to face extreme conditions and wished to create a bridge that may bear any environment. They recruited renowned architects within the world to create a bridge that would stand up to any environment. The architects created a bridge, with the purpose of providing a much-needed access point for the inhabitants of Honduras and were designed to be standstill in any weather.

One fine day, the region was hit by a cyclone, known as Mitch, a class five storm. The region was utterly wrecked; roads were destroyed and there were a lot of injured people. However, the Choluteca Bridge stood its ground and survived in close to excellent condition. Even though the bridge stood its ground, there was one drawback, the storm caused the watercourse to carve a totally new path that did not run underneath the bridge (bottom photo). Now the bridge did not stand over the water, making it primarily useless. It is remarkable to understand how quickly things can change, so a leader must be adaptable to changing things which will give them the edge over others to pivot ahead.

Empathy: Empathy is, at its simplest awareness of the feeling and emotions of other people, it’s the link between people and how an individual understands others’ feelings and emotions.


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About the Author

Gaurang Vora

Mumbai, India


Gaurang Vora is a knowledgeable Program Manager well-versed in providing strategic direction and ongoing leadership to teams, also proficient in building strong innovative teams delivering successful solutions. He is a veteran of project management with almost 2 decades of demonstrated track record of success playing a pivotal role in transforming through people, process and technology. Ready to apply expertise and experience to challenging new roles, he brings deep understanding of program/project management, delivery management, budgeting and revenue forecast.

Gaurang is a results-oriented leader with a strong track record of working in a BRIGHT (Blur, Risky, Interconnected, Global, Hi-tech, Timely) world with Thought Leadership, Ownership and Accountability. He was a Top 15 PMO influencer as part of PMO Global Awards 2020 and is Director – Projects & Alliances at PMOGA India Hub.

Gaurang has a Bachelor of Commerce degree and a Diploma in Business Management. He resides in Mumbai, India with his family and can be contacted at gaurang.vora@gmail.com

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