Leadership and Self Deception



Book Title:  Leadership and Self Deception: Getting Out of the Box, 3rd Ed
Author: The Arbinger Institute
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.
List Price: US$17.95
Format: PDF e-book ISBN 978-1-57675-978-3
IDPF e-book ISBN 978-1-60509-528-8 – 288 pages
Publication Date: September 2018
Reviewer: Ali Yaseen
Review Date:  December 2018




Leadership and Self Deception: Getting out of the Box is a book which talks about self-deception and how you can overcome this problem. In this review we will briefly talk about what is this self-deception and how it puts you in a box. The main focus of this book is letting people know about this un-spoken virus which affects us and our surroundings a lot. This review is divided into three parts for the convenience of the reader. We will discuss about self-betrayal, the main cause of self-deception and how can we stay out of the box by avoiding self-betrayal.

Key words: Leadership, self-deception, The Box, self-betrayal, self-justification, out of the box


This book relates to everyone. It tells that how we think we only have limited solutions for specific problems, we only see from definite angles on them not from all sides. It is divided into three major parts which are “being in the box”, ” box” and “getting out of the box” .It focuses on, how self-deception plays the role of a disease that slowly kills our efficiency of leadership and team work in both professional and personal life, and if one person is doing this than he can affect others too negatively around him. In this review of Leadership and Self-Deception, we’ll give a summary of the book, explaining “the box”, we are stuck in, and how we can free ourselves from this virus to think outside the box.


Self-deception means allowing oneself to believe that a false and invalid idea, feeling is true. Self-deception is a much bigger problem than its literal meaning. It blinds your vision, the way you think and the way you see people. A self-deceived person will always think of himself prior or legitimate over others. He will treat other people as objects and will not consider that they are people and they have the same needs and hopes as he does.


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Ali Yaseen

Lahore, Pakistan



Ali Yaseen is a 23 year old MBA student at the University of South Asia in Lahore, Pakistan.  He previously completed honors studies in accounting and finance.  He is from Lahore and can be contacted at aliyaseen.ncbae@gmail.com.