Investment-Centric Innovation Project Management



Book Title: Investment-Centric Innovation Project Management: Winning the New Project Development Game
Author: Steven James Keays, M.A. Sc., P.Eng.
Publisher: J. Ross
List Price:  $54.95
Format: Hard Cover, 350 pages
Publication Date:  2018
ISBN-13: 978-1-60427-151-5
Reviewer: Marta Santos, PhD
Review Date: January 2019




Steve Keays did it again! His breadth of knowledge has created a comprehensive view encompassing product development, project management, natural selection, physics, engineering, and molecular biology. It all comes together to take his readers into the business of new product development and money making.

The central theme of the book, the “way of moving from idea to profits”, is named by the author, investment-centric innovation project management, (ICIPM). This book serves as invitation to explore a balanced framework focused on the commercial success of an invention against all the intricacies of its creation.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The attentive reader will easily capture the usefulness of this book’s exceptional framework, as it emerges as a “FAQ Guide”, while the author begins to outline the process, in a step-wise fashion. The framework answer pressing questions around two distinct, yet interdependent product development paths: The Innovation Journey and the Business Journey which divide the book into Part 1 and Part 2.

The chapters deliver the keys to the following, but not limited to:

  • How to make ideas real and get rick in the process? That may sound attractive, but not effortless. Those looking for a quick and easy way might become discouraged as there is no easy way, and “you only get one shot at it.”
  • How to transform ideas into a commercial product?
  • How to make an idea work, without running out of money, going beyond planned completion time, or failing?
  • How to identify your first clients? How to determine funding sources?
  • How to successfully transition through the development phases?
  • How to survive threats, thrive, and grow from it?
  • How to unveil your probability of success? How to prepare for pre-commercialization?
  • How to get started?

The answers to the above questions is the guide to succeed in the first phase of the New Product Development Game. It is key to win in this first phase and move onto the next which the author calls, The Business Journey. In this voyage, which highlights what is needed to thrive and stay in business, the author explains the foundation and success factors around his project management framework:


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About the Reviewer

Marta Santos, PhD, CAPM, LSSGB, CSM

Texas, USA


 Marta Santos currently serves on a Global Cybersecurity Transformation Program as a Program Coordinator – IT Security. Marta previously served on a Global IT Infrastructure Refresh Project after transitioning from a productive career in the Life Sciences as a Research Scientist and author on major scientific journals. She is looking forward to growing in and contributing to the Project Management profession. Marta’s has reviewed her favorite books on program/portfolio/project management which can be found on previous PM World Journal editions.

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