Interview with Ricardo Triana


Everything that occurs in the world is due to a Project

Interview with Ricardo Triana, PMI Fellow
Managing Director, Latin America
Project Management Institute

By Angelica Larios
International Correspondent
Mexico City, Mexico

Ricardo Triana, current Latin America Managing Director for PMI, has delivered an interview to share his standpoint about PMI and the Region. Ricardo is well known in the project management environment due to his dedicated and outstanding career, being a member of the PMI Board of Directors from 2010-2015 and its chair in 2014. In 2019 he received the honor of being distinguished as a PMI Fellow. Currently he is in charge of developing and managing the Latin America Region for PMI, a region he knows very well since he is a Colombian and Mexican citizen living in the United States and traveling around the Region and the world for so long.


Q1:      Why is it essential to have a Director in Latin America Region, and which are your responsibilities? 

Ricardo Triana (Triana):   As a historical context, there has been identified the need to have regions around the world and focus on specific products and services.  PMI was not configured in that manner and was challenged to deliver. So, seven regions were created to serve the particular communities best: Asia-Pacific, China e India, Middle East, North Africa, Sub Saharan Africa, Europe, North America, and Latin America.

In this context, it was needed to have a head of the Region to oversee the product and services thinking in the specific market and improve the decision-making process. The idea is that each Director works as a CEO for the Region. In our case, I am responsible for overseeing 47 chapters, volunteers, products and services, partners, universities, and other organizations. Everything that happens under Latin America in the PMI context is my responsibility.

Q2:      What is the meaning of the Project economy in the context of Latin America?

Triana:           Everything that happens in the world is related to a project, whether we realize it.  Many economics behind each country and organization are moved or backed up by a project itself, even when it is not called that way. We carry the economy thought projects! We need to provide focus and tools to people running projects to improve the society and economy and achieve the goals and obtain successful results.

Q3:      In this new PMI approach, when we talk about project economy and agile, to whom we are talking to?



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Angelica Larios

Mexico City, Mexico


Angelica Larios, MBA, PMP, is a project manager with more than 20 years of experience in implementing software projects related to business intelligence, planning and budgeting, and financial consolidation solutions based on software applications to support the business decision process. She is the owner of ALACONTEC, an I.T. consulting company founded in Latin America. She has held several professional positions in private and public organizations, such as the Health Ministry in Mexico as I.T. director, and as a business manager for several firms in Mexico.

She holds a master’s degree in business administration and a bachelor’s degree in computer science from National University of Mexico (UNAM) in addition to her studies in project management and her Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification, which have helped her to consolidate her career and have a better understanding of what businesses and projects need nowadays. She is a doctoral student in strategic leadership at Regent University, VA, USA; she is a PMI volunteer since 2007 starting in the local Mexico chapter, being Past President and and currently serves on the Board Volunteer Advisory Committee (BVAC) that supports the PMI Board of Directors (2016–2018).

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