Interview with IPMA Executives


Interview with Executive Leaders

International Project Management Association

Joop Schefferlie, IPMA President
Martin Sedlmayer, IPMA Vice President for MarComm & Events & Awards
Amin Saidoun, Executive Director

Interviewed by Yasmina Khelifi
International Correspondent, PM World Journal
Paris, France

International Project Management Association (IPMA)

IPMA is the world’s first International Project Management Association (1965). It is a member-driven, and volunteer-staffed federation with over 72 Member Associations (M.A.s) spread all around the world. M.A.s develop project management competences in their geographic areas of influence, interacting with thousands of practitioners and developing relationships with corporations, government agencies, universities, and colleges, as well as training organisations and consulting companies. IPMA certification is recognised worldwide. Global corporations benefit from IPMA’s international presence and recognition. We enable them to use the same certification for the entire company in all countries. The examination process has no language barriers. Candidates always have the choice of doing the certification in their language or English. IPMA’s vision is promoting competence throughout society to enable a world in which all projects succeed. Read more at www.ipma.world.

Interview with Joop Schefferlie

IPMA President

Interviewed by Yasmina Khelifi
International Correspondent, PM World Journal
Paris, France

Introduction to the interviewee

Joop Schefferlie is Vice President Certification of IPMA and President-elect. His mandate as president of IPMA starts in January 2021. Joop is director of IPMA Certification B.V. He has over 15 years of experience building and changing complex organisations up to more than 800 workers based on a clear vision and objective. His passion is to develop and improve project management. Joop is a decisive and result-oriented entrepreneur with a focus on the future and possible improvements. Realises complex changes recognise opportunities and is able to steer others in such a way that a translation is made from vision to reality. Strong in starting projects in which the intended purpose of the change, expertise and professional development are central. Communicates honestly and to the point, is independent and has preponderance. He is in his element when structures or procedures need to be put in place, or critical comments need to be made.


Q1: First of all, thank you for accepting an interview request from PMWJ. You are the new President of IPMA Global since December 2020. What do you envision for IPMA Global by 2024?

IPMA wants to be the conductor/orchestra leader in promoting project management recognition and engaging stakeholders worldwide in advancing the discipline.
We will achieve this by:

  • A high performing global reach through a sustainable, equitable and diverse network of mature Member Associations (in 72 countries).
  • Value-adding benefits for the profession, economy, society and environment through audience-oriented, integrated and self-sustaining know-how, products and services

Q2: Has covid19 affected IPMA? In what ways?


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How to cite this interview: How to cite this interview: Khelifi, Y. (2021). Interview with Executive Leaders of the International Project Management Association: Joop Schefferlie, Martin Sedlmayer, Amin Saidoun; PM World Journal, Vol. X, Issue XI, November. Available online at https://pmworldlibrary.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/pmwj111-Nov2021-Khelifi-Interview-with-IPMA-executive-leaders.pdf

About the Interviewer

Yasmina Khelifi

Paris, France


Yasmina Khelifi, PMP, PMI- ACP, PMI-PBA is an experienced project manager in the telecom industry. Along with her 20-year career at Orange S.A. (the large French multinational telecommunications corporation), she sharpened her global leadership skills, delivering projects with major manufacturers and SIM makers. Yasmina strives for building collaborative bridges between people to make international projects successful. She relies on three pillars: project management skills, the languages she speaks, and a passion for sharing knowledge.

She is a PMP certification holder since 2013, a PMI- ACP and PMI-PBA certification holder since 2020. She is an active volunteer member at PMI France and PMI UAE, and a member of PMI Germany Chapter. French-native, she can speak German, English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and she is learning Arabic. Yasmina loves sharing her knowledge and experiences at work, in her volunteers’ activities at PMI, and in projectmanagement.com as a regular blogger. She is also the host and co-founder of the podcast Global Leaders Talk with Yasmina Khelifi to help people in becoming better international leaders.

Yasmina can be contacted at https://yasminakhelifi.com/ or LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yasminakhelifi-pmp-telecom/

Visit her correspondent profile at https://pmworldlibrary.net/yasmina-khelifi/