Interview with Angela Mendez


Perspectives of women in PM Latin America

Fragment of Interview with Angela Mendez

Mentor Region 13 North
Project Management Institute

By Angelica Larios
International Correspondent
Mexico City, Mexico

Introduction to Interviewee

Angela Mendez has served as a Mentor for PMI’s Northern Region 13 for three years, supporting leaders from 11 countries and 19 chapters to develop their leadership skills and the growth and development of communities. I am a service leader with strategic skills—people-focused, self-motivated, adaptable, results-oriented, and an expert in teamwork and conflict resolution.

Angela is a Latin woman highly qualified with studies and experience such as

  • D. in Education, with a specialization in Organizational and Instructional Leadership. Nova Southeastern University. 2019
  • Leadership Institute Master Class. 2016 PMI USA.
  • Project Management Professional (PMP). 2008
  • Master in Higher Education, UNIBE. 2005
  • Information System Engineer, Apec University. Santo Domingo 1992
  • Mentor Region 13 North of the Project Management Institute 2019-2021

This interview is an abstract from the book “Perspective of Latin American Women in Project Management” published by Ipek Sahra Ozguler Yilmaz and Angélica María Larios Arias, available on amazon.


Q1.     What has contributed to the chapter, practice, and dissemination of Project Management?

Angela Mendez (Mendez):    The most important contribution was the creation of the chapter, bringing together the leaders who had this idea for several years and putting the passion and focus that characterized me to achieve in 2011 being recognized by PMI Global. As the first President, I was responsible for leaving an open, inclusive, transparent, and accountable organization. Also, to collaborate in forming and developing leaders who would be responsible for continuing to lead.

In 2015, I expressed: “I aspire to create impact and meaning in the academic and leadership areas in my country and the region, increasing the Project Management programs, supporting the development of new leaders, and thus today, I serve the region. 13 North and all of Latin America.”

In 2016, I participated as a speaker in the PM Tour, celebrating 20 years of this beautiful chapter, and invited my friend Mary Cárdenas, who had been living in Mexico for less than a week and had been an enthusiastic PMIRD volunteer. In addition to seeing her, I intended to introduce her to the leaders of the PMI Mexico Chapter and that she could volunteer for it. Today Mary is the President of the PMICDM, and I am the mentor of the region. Who could imagine it?

I have collaborated on global projects such as the Hybrid and Risk micro certifications and the new Regional Mentors scheme. Together with Carolina La Torre, we created the Regional Advisors pilot that became SMEs, assigning expert volunteers with specific skills to chapters that want to develop or improve a particular region.

Regarding the dissemination of Project Management since 2012, we began a crusade to bring PM to all levels in the Dominican Republic, schools, colleges, NGOs, and Government. This has been applied in both my country and the region’s countries.

Q2.      What is the status of Project Management in the Latin American Region according to your point of view?


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About the Interviewer

Angelica Larios

Mexico City, Mexico


Angelica Larios, DSL, MBA, PMP, is a project manager with more than 20 years of experience in implementing software projects related to business intelligence, planning and budgeting, and financial consolidation solutions based on software applications to support the business decision process. She is the owner of ALACONTEC, an I.T. consulting company founded in Latin America. She has held several professional positions in private and public organizations, such as the Health Ministry in Mexico as an I.T. director and a business manager for several Mexican firms.

She holds a master’s degree in business administration and a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the National University of Mexico (UNAM), in addition to her studies in project management and her Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification, which have helped her to consolidate her career and have a better understanding of what businesses and projects need nowadays. She is a doctor in strategic leadership at Regent University, VA; she has been a volunteer since 2007, starting in the local Mexico chapter, being Past President, and in several positions within PMI (CMAG, VBAC, EMAG) that support the PMI Global Operations. Angelica has been elected as a member of BOD of the ILA (International Leadership Association) (2021-2024).

Angelica can be contacted at angelica.larios@gmail.com

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