Important Things for building a great Product



By Ajay Shenoy

Bangalore, India



Every product organization would dream of creating a great product, which can be popular among the masses and create a market segment in the meshwork. In the short time, I have spent building great products. Developing a great product may just not lie down to hard word or luck or a great strategy. Vision, Strategy & Tactics may not be mere enough to create a successful product. All the 3 elements hence influence each other. Building a product should also mean to benefit your customers and end users to fix the pain points. By building this it should create a value for you company and hence your overall company vision should align with the product vision you are trying to build. Below are the following things you may need to ask before you create a great product

Vision for your Product

As a Product Manager, you may need to be clear about the product you are intending to build, target customer, the way the product will shape and problem you are trying to solve. If any of the above things do not align it may not create ripples in the market. This will also not add any business value to the customer or value to the company.

Target Group for your Product

As a Product Manager, you would need to ask the below questions

  • Does the market address the right segment?
  • Where do my user/customers who would use my customer reside?

Most product managers would talk to potential customers while evangelizing the product. Potential customer will give you insights in what they would like in the product. You may to need to talk users from different age groups. As the needs of 70year old will differ from someone in younger age group.

Needs of your User/Product

As a product manager, you would need to ask the below questions

  • What kind of pain points does it address for my users?
  • What special benefit does it provide?

You should place yourself in customer shoes to understand his pain points and understand the user behavior. If you want to create a product for farmers for them to sell their produce. Work with them for a month to understand their need, their problems and challenges they would typically face.

The chances of this failing will be much lower as now you are creating a product for yourself. Interact with them on regular basis to understand if their needs have not changed over time so you can build the right product for them.


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About the Author

Ajay Shenoy

Bangalore, India




Ajay Shenoy, a certified Scrum Professional and Agile Coach, has been involved in Technology Solutioning since 2007. He started working as a Solution Engineer and slowly incorporated into a technical program manager. He is a Certified Scrum Professional and has good knowledge on Prince2, Agile, Lean, Scrum, Kanban and SAFe frameworks. Along with expertise in Project management, he has deep interest in Technology side. With these skills, Ajay can help people understand process as well as Agile. Ajay has a perfect blend of project management with technical skills and business acumen.

Ajay started his Agile journey in 2012, as part of engineering teams. He practiced scrum and other agile frameworks in delivering successful products within limited time frames. Ajay is proficient in Engineering practices such as Scrum, Lean Software development, and Kanban and has designed several solutions and market rollouts working with product/services companies. He believes in following key agile practices like Just In Time, Value Stream mapping, Refactoring, Improving lead and cycle time.

He single handedly built a group comprised of 700 employees with different skills/roles. He indulges in several meets/ conferences and sharing knowledge on public platforms like linkedin with reference to agile. Ajay has coached/trained several teams in different organizations; he was part of an agile team to improve an existing framework.

He has a Master’s degree in IT & Finance and is currently based out of Bangalore.

You can reach him on his email @ shenoyajay82@yahoo.com.