Implementing Project and Program Benefit Management




Book Title: Implementing Project and Program Benefit Management
Author: Kenn Dolan
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Group
List Price: $74.95    
Format: Hard cover, 265 pages
Publication Date: 2019
ISBN: 978-1-4987-8639-3
Reviewer: Carlos R. Perez
Review Date: August 2022



Benefits Realization Management (BRM) ensures that the intended benefits originally planned for the project are realized, ensuring that the resources allocated to the project are widely used. Benefits must be planned from the beginning in order to establish all the necessary strategies to be successful.

Having a benefits realization plan developed for your projects will help identify how the individual project, with the correct allocation of resources, is contributing to the overall organizational strategy program. It is important to mention that the whole idea of an investor or organization investing in a project is to obtain a measurable benefit for himself, understanding the motivation behind the investment will help him identify the valued benefits. This benefit must match the agreed Description that the intended change/benefit is Observable, is Attributable to the change made, and must be Surely Measurable, not vague.

This sounds quite simple, although it is not, there is no easy way to achieve the objectives aimed at meeting the needs and expectations of shareholders and investors, the correct risk assessment and clear understanding of the purpose of the investment will definitely help to obtain the benefit intended.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book is divided in 3 parts.

Part I, named Establishing the Language has 3 Chapters:

  1. What Are Benefits and Why Are They Important?
  2. Definitions and Terminology
  3. Team Roles and Responsibilities

Part II, named The Benefits Life Cycle has 7 Chapters:

  1. Introduction to the Benefits Life Cycle
  2. Establish the Context
  3. Identify the Benefits
  4. Assess the Benefits: Discuss methods for quantifying and prioritizing the benefits
  5. Plan for Benefits Realization
  6. Coordinate and Realize the Benefits
  7. Review the Initiative

Part Three, named Embedding the Practices has 1 Chapter.

  1. Embedding Benefits Realization Management


Kenn beautifully explains the tools program and project managers can use to support implementation of benefits management, learn the necessary skill set, or apply everything in their power to achieve success by thinking beyond the outputs which are created in the process. This book covers the strategic elements of benefits realization and their evaluation, enabling practitioners to confidently understand some of the complexity of benefits realization management.


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