Human Change Management Body of Knowledge



Book Title:     HCMBOK – The Human Change Management Body of Knowledge, Third Edition
Author:  Vicente Goncalves and Carla Campos
Publisher:  CRC Press
List Price:   $94.95
Format:  Hardcover, 236 pages
Publication Date: 2018
ISBN: 978-1-138-57647-6
Reviewer: Flora S. Bartek, PMP
Review Date: June 2022



Little attention is placed on how a change impacts the human factor in project management. The main objective of the 3rd Edition of the Human Change Management Book of Knowledge (HCMBOK) is to provide a reference for managing the change management activities within a project by emphasizing the impacts to the people involved, along with providing strategies to mitigate those impacts on the human factor.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The HCMBOK presents strategies that can be utilized, with the focus on empathy, towards the main stakeholders impacted by any change. The book is composed of 203 pages, with 17 chapters, to include 2 Appendices, a Bibliography and an Index. It provides the HCMBOK framework, with its macro-activities and breaks down the macro-activities into tangible tools that can be used to address the human factor in each stage of a project’s change activities.

Chapter 1 introduces the importance of using a strategic approach to change management. Chapter 2 introduces the HCMBOK structure, with its phases, macro-activities and activities. Chapters 3 – 8 uses the project management traditional steps of Initiating and Planning; Acquisition; Execution; Implementation; Closing and Production, respectively to discuss the body of knowledge, along with its specific phases and activities.

Chapter 9 summarizes the recurring activities in all project phases. Chapter 10 discusses how to plan and manage communication. Chapter 11 focuses on how to Create Team Spirit and Carry Out Reinforcement Dynamics. Chapter 12 Encourages Participatory Processes. Chapter 13 provides strategies to Manage the Environment – Conflicts, Motivation, Stress and Behaviors. Chapter 14 Encourages Creativity and Innovation. Chapter 15 Manager Stakeholder Engagement. Chapter 16 establishes the CMO – Change Management Office. Chapter 17 provides the Essential Competencies for Change Leaders.

The book concludes with the HCMBOK approach to Agile Methodologies, and a model for Organizational Culture and Change Management.


The highlights of the HCMBOK includes the Relationship of Change Management to Project Management. All projects are managed by some change to an existing entity and impacts the people in that existing entity.

Stakeholder Management enables predicting and getting to know all Stakeholders involved and impacted by the change, with continuous improvement of the Management plan.

Communications Plan enables communication with all levels of the human factor throughout each phase of the changes in a project.


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