How visual communication can boost


project delivery/success rate



By Mahendra Gupta


What paves the way for a project’s success?

The first thing that comes up in every project manager’s mind is effective project planning.

This is undoubtedly true; the more detailed the plan is, the more accurate the deliverables will be. To make a project plan, the manager has to create the work breakdown structure (WBS). It consists of the tasks, subtasks, required skills, resources, deliverables, etc.  In simple terms, it is a detailed roadmap of the project.

The next question is, who will be completing those tasks?

It’s the resources who will have to take up every task and complete it within the stipulated time. And thus, they need to be correctly allocated to each task based on their skills and availability. Managers require unmatched visibility into project demand in terms of quantity and competencies to align the resources with the right task.

This is just the first step. After the project initiates, it is imperative to keep a note of the progress, resource performance, and financials at every stage. It will allow managers to take remedial measures in time to avoid a cascading failure.

To stay atop all these metrics, communicating via visual media is critical. It will provide real-time updates and keep everyone, including stakeholders, team members, etc., on the same page.

This article highlights how modern solutions like resource management software provide visual communication to boost project delivery success.

The multidimensional scheduler allows competent allocation

With the help of a multidimensional task scheduler, managers can get 360-degree visibility of all resources. They can visualize their skills, experience, capacity, availability, utilization, etc., which helps facilitate competent resource allocation.

Gantt chart helps in viewing the current and future bookings. Managers can modify, assign new tasks, or mobilize their schedules using simple drag and drop functionality. The complete visibility of utilization and existing workload also enables managers to avoid over/under allocation of tasks.

Real-time BI reports minimize reaction time

Business intelligence reports help in making data-driven decisions. The resource management solution provides customized data and provides leeway to configure graphs based on your requirements.  For instance, if you want to observe the utilization rates, you can configure the dashboard and even color-code the graph based on your preferences. Besides, role-based access eliminates information overload, and one can make quick, informed decisions based on precise data.


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