Higher Ground



Book Title: Higher Ground: How Business Can Do the Right Thing in A Turbulent World
Author: Alison Taylor
Publisher: HBR Press
List Price: $32.00
Format: Hardcover, 304 pages
Publication Date: 2024
ISBN: 978-1-64782-343-6
Reviewer: Blake Hampton
Review Date: March 2024


Living in a space where we are experiencing 100-year disasters, once in a lifetime financial collapse, and on top of it everyone with a smartphone can see everything that leaked and published online. How can Project Managers navigate through volatile ethical challenges?

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book reads similar to a textbook. Its chapters are broken down by section headers. They are either several font sizes larger and bold, or they are slightly larger in a different font. Either posing a question or in a sentence summarizing the paragraphs ahead. Making it easier to go back to recall an idea or a citation.


The “Steps to Higher Ground” at the end of chapters is unique in a couple ways. Summarizing a chapter of the book to a presentable short read helps drive her ideas to the reader. Because of the way they’re summarized. These sections of the book can be a way to reference, as a Project Manager, how to structure stakeholder strategies.

Taylor acknowledges the challenges of running an ethical business. A challenge that she presents various solutions for including, my favorite, working with rival companies.

The case studies and references are a great inclusion. With comprehensive charts to show data as well. Taylor brings her analysis to the page but also offers a way for the reader to look through it as well.


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About the Reviewer

Blake Hampton, PMP

DFW, Texas, USA


Blake Hampton is a seasoned project management professional with extensive experience in coordinating high-level corporate meetings and facilitating cross-departmental collaboration. With a background in audiovisual technology, IT project management, and PMP certification Blake has successfully overseen multimillion-dollar projects, ensuring adherence to PMI standards and agile methodologies. Blake’s dedication to excellence extends beyond his professional endeavors, as evidenced by his volunteer work in social media project management and audiovisual consulting for PMI.

Blake can be contacted at blakehamptonpmp@gmail.com

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