Everyone smiles in the same language



By Manuel M. Ancizu Beramendi

Pamplona, Spain


A smile has the power of a common language for people around the world, bringing peace and understanding, no matter where we are from. As said, “everyone smiles in the same language”.

Everyone smiles in the same language

A few years ago, I was on a trip when I saw the words of a poster that immediately caught my attention: “Everyone smiles in the same language”. Since then, the image of that poster and its message have remained with me along my journey.

Smiling is a universal language, which creates goodness and beauty around us, while at the same time it does not make a difference among countries, cultures or languages; whenever we see someone smiling it transmits joy and confidence, it makes us feel good both for seeing that person smile and for the positive feeling that creates on us, even leading us to smile ourselves. What a nice feeling!

Actually, regardless of their place of origin or residence, most people have something very in common: the desire to be happy, to love and be loved, to make their dreams and projects come true, to see their families united, their sons and daughters growing up healthy and, as a consequence, the desire to live in a peaceful environment that can enable the right conditions for all that.

Empathy, tolerance and respect are very human values that bring people together and make us feel safe to grow and develop.

On the contrary, a war means sadness, fear, fights, broken dreams, lack of understanding, the lost of loved ones, forced to another life, even to another country; why destroy?


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About the Author 

Manuel Ancizu

Pamplona, Spain


Human leadership, Global Sustainable Projects, Renewable energy, Story-teller, Keynote speaker, Lifetime learner, Risk management, Standardization

Manuel Ancizu is passionate about human leadership, sustainable projects and people’s motivations. Enjoys working in international multicultural environments and wants to have a positive impact in society.

Manuel graduated in Economics from University of Navarra and obtained an MBA from IESE Business School (Spain); he has also studied in CEIBS (China) and University Anahuac del Sur (Mexico). He holds a number of professional certificates such as the PMP by Project Management Institute, Lead Auditor in ISO 9001:2015 by IRCA Association and has also received training in Management of Development Projects and Risk Management by Interamerican Development Bank (IDB).

Manuel has lived in Spain, France, UK and Mexico; he currently works in the wind energy sector leading the quality management of Offshore projects. Manuel has been involved in wind energy renewable projects developed in different parts of the globe with external customers, as well as in internal projects of cultural transformation, IT and global processes.

Thanks to his experience, he has delivered training sessions, lectures and keynotes to a different number of institutions.

Manuel is a qualified member of the Spanish Standardization Body (UNE) and has been involved in the development of Standards and Norms in Projects, Programs and Portfolios; he has also participated in the translation of different ISO 21500 to Spanish language.

Manuel loves smiling, storytelling, dreaming and making ideas come true in a sustainable manner.

Manuel lives in Pamplona, Spain and can be contacted at manuel@manuelancizu.com

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