Eat, Sleep, Innovate



Book Title: Eat, Sleep, Innovate: How to Make Creativity an Everyday Habit Inside Your Organization
Authors: by Scott D. Anthony,  Paul Cobban,  Natalie Painchaud,  Andy Parker
Publisher: Harvard Business Review Press
List Price: $28.00
Format: Hardcover & eBook, 272 page
Publication Date: October 2020
ISBN: 13: 9781633698376
Reviewer: Shauna Skolnick
Review Date: October 2020




“Eat, Sleep, Innovate,” by Scott D. Anthony, is as straight forward as the title suggests, but the content is rich with essential detail for today’s business leaders. With a bit of humor woven throughout, this basic step-by-step guide about harnessing the power of innovation every single day, is an enjoyable, light-hearted read. Delivering the message in a fun, yet poignant manner allows the authors to dive into complex topics such as behavioral science and corporate psychology without losing the reader.

The “best of the best” organizations have figured out how to leverage innovation from every aspect of their workforce in order to propel them into hyper-growth, and in some cases, disrupt an entire industry all together. Reading “Eat, Sleep, Innovate,” you will learn why some companies are extremely successful in creating a culture that fosters daily innovation and that the means by which they harness the intellectual creative capital is what keeps these organizations at the very forefront of everyone’s envy.

Overview of Book’s Structure

“Eat, Sleep, Innovate” begins first by laying a foundation for identifying the 5 behaviors that drive successful innovation and offers insight into better understanding the psyche behind these common behaviors. It then segues into a myriad of valuable tips, tricks and tools anyone can use to cultivate the right kind of environment that drives real innovation.

Page after page provides real world examples and total transparency of the best practices used by companies who have mastered true innovation. With each specific story, the correlation between innovation and success becomes more apparent. Anthony and his co-authors provide an extensive compilation of companies and leaders who have figured out that it is not enough to merely promote an environment “open to new ideas,” that impactful innovation is never going to be something generated by the top ranks and distributed below. Nor will a designated “creative team” in a pseudo think tank offer more than a few interesting ideas. At the heart of innovation, there is something more…it’s either threaded into the operational cadence of an organization’s culture, or it isn’t. For those ready to take the next step and learn the tools needed to unleash the innovative beast within, let this be your guide.


Harnessing collective creativity for impactful innovation reminded me of results similarly found in certain financial investments – where compounded interested builds upon itself with extraordinary results day after day.


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