Digital Project Practice



Book Title: Digital Project Practice: Managing Innovation and Change
Author: Various, Dr. Tobias Endress, Editor
Publisher: Verlag+Druck
List Price: $38.99
Format: Digital & Soft Cover, 244 Pages
Publication Date: July 2020          
ISBN: 978-3-347-09724-7
Reviewer: Gopinath Venu
Review Date: October 2023



Digital Project Practice, edited by Dr. Tobias Endressm shares insights from thirteen subject matter experts on the tools and techniques, methods and best practices in the Agile methodology advocating adaptive planning, evolutionary software development, early delivery, discussing the key challenges of managing innovation and change and providing solutions and new perspectives of digital project practices. Dr. Tobias engages different experts from all across the globe who critically acclaim the existing approaches and practices and address practical issues, stimulate dialogue in the professional community to think outside the box with innovative solutions.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book starts with the discussion of Methods and best practices followed by discussion of various tools and techniques, ideas and requirements for Digital Innovation, Agile Lean techniques, design thinking as a supportive process for agile software development. The Author also discusses various Business Models and how the regulatory and contractual implications delay the time to market. The Final part discusses about Project Management values, Challenges in the Age of Digitalization and Globalization, implementing change and measuring objectives and Key Results.


In Part1, Dr. Tobias starts with a thought-provoking idea about the best practices of Agile Methodology and emphasizes teams to assess their specific situation and bring in improvements in the framework, review, adapt and do it again.

In Part2, Dr. Tobias discusses various tools and techniques that are used in Digital Projects, design thinking, providing customer focused solutions in Agile Development, encouraging readers to create a space for Innovation during the development life cycle.

In Part3, Dr. Tobias discusses Team and Project Management values, Difficulty in attracting talent in the Age of Digitalization and Globalization. He shares ideas on how to design a Business Model that creates value from your innovation or idea and how to execute that model with your favorite Agile Framework, defining your objective and measuring the Key results.


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About the Reviewer

Gopinath Venu

Texas, USA


Gopinath Venu has about 19 Years of experience in the IT Industry. He is certified in PMP, PMI-ACP from Project Management Institute (PMI), SAFe Advanced Scrum Master Certification from Scaled Agile Institute. He also holds a certification in AWS as a Certified Practitioner and Azure Certified from Microsoft. He has done multiple roles such as Project Manager, QA Manager, Scrum Master in his career. He is an active member of International Toastmasters. He has presented papers in PM conferences organized by local chapters of PMI. He presented a paper on Agile in the 15th Annual PMI Symposium organized by PMI Dallas and The University of Texas at Dallas. He also contributes to articles and discussions on www.projectmanagement.com.

Gopinath can be contacted at: gopinathv.sd@gmail.com

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