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Book Title: Digital Project Practice: Managing Innovation and Change
Author: Dr. Tobias Endress, editor
Publisher (Verlag + Druck):  tradition GmBH
List Price:   $45.99 (Hardcover), $15.65 (eBook)
Format: PDF eBook, 244 pages
Publication Date: 2020
ISBN: 978-3-347-09724-7 (e-Book)
Reviewer: Jay Pulanco
Review Date: February 2021


Digital Project Practice: Managing Innovation and Change, edited by Dr. Tobias Endress, provides a comprehensive survey on current thinking across the project management landscape.  With insights from project management leaders across the globe, the collection of essays gives insights on topics including Methods and Best Practices, Tools and Techniques, as well as Culture, Soft Skills and Human Resources.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book compiles thirteen vignettes on digital project practice, each structured with an abstract, introduction, a deeper dive into the topic, summary, publication references, and a description of the author.

Owing to the construction of the book as a series of discourses, one could read the “chapters” of the book in any order desired, allowing for a “choose your own adventure” style experience.


The co-authors hail from all over the world, and as Dr. Endress mentions in the preface, provide a great many tools and exercises coming from their experience in a number of different industries and working with heterogeneous teams.

The writing style of these collaborators is not only approachable, but also encourages the thoughtful challenging of status quo processes and methods.

Additionally, the focus across several sections on the human nature and business orientation of project management is a fresh and timely commentary of how we work as project managers especially during the COVID pandemic.

With discussion in areas including design thinking, team building, stakeholder management, continual improvement, and motivation the co-authors make a strong point for the importance of the social and human aspects of project management.


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About the Reviewer

Jay Pulanco

Dallas, TX, USA


Jay Pulanco is a Senior Project Manager at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas.  He leads a team of project managers in the Ambulatory Operations practice.

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