Digital Project Practice



Book Title:    Digital Project Practice, Managing Innovation and Change         
Author:    Dr. Tobias Endress (Editor) and co-authors
Publisher: Verlag + Druck, tredition GmbH
List Price:   $45.99 Hardcover, $15.65 Kindle
Format:  Electronic (PDF), 244 pages
Publication Date: June 2020
ISBN: e-Book 978-3-347-09724
Reviewer:  Marta Soncodi, MBA, PMP
Review Date: October 2020




The book consists of a collection of thirteen articles authored by international experts in business and project management practice.

It provides excellent coverage and depth for a wide variety of project management topics and creates a good reference for current project management practice, in general. It also includes content referring to digitization, digitalization and digital practice, and it truly is a book about “Digital Project Practice”.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book has a companion site that provides useful and detailed information, including table of contents with articles and author information and linked detail pages: https://www.digital-project-practice.com/

  • Preface, Dr. Tobias Endress
  • Section 1. Methods and Best Practice
    1. Why Projects Fail, Dr. Stephan Meyer
    2. Manage the Perception of Project Success, Dr. Anton Pussep
    3. DIY Agile: How to Re-think Your Own Method, Beatriz Alzate Richter
    4. Scaling Agile, Ralf Dick
  • Section 2. Tools and Techniques
    1. Stakeholder Management in an Enterprise, Aditya Chandak
    2. Knowledge Creation by Practitioners and Designers: From Tacit to Explicit, Dr. Majid Dadgar
    3. Ideas and Requirements for Digital Innovations, Dr. Tobias Endress
    4. Legal Advice on Innovative Technologies and Business Models, Dr. Marc Nathmann
    5. Time-Management: Why Are Results “Just in Time” so Hard?,  Guenter Jeschke
  • Section 3. Culture, Soft Skills and Human Resources
    1. Team and Project Management Values, Elena Dinman
    2. Talent Challenges in the Age of Digitalization and Globalization, Dr. Bernd Thommes
    3. Implementing Change: a Review of International Best Practices, Patric Zeier
    4. Managing Massive Moments of Change Girish Ramachandra
  • Appendix

The Editor did an excellent job at selecting articles with good coverage and depth for business and project management topics. Each article has abstract, summary, references, further reading, and contributes index entries.

The structure consistency provides a true book experience, even with large article length variation and variety of author personal style. In fact, allowing for the original authors’ personal style and voice creates a more personal reading experience, added to the value of thorough and well explained content, that does not feel stiff or formal but rather like a conversation with consideration for the reader.


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About the Reviewer

Marta Soncodi

USA, Canada, Romania


Marta Soncodi, PMP is the Smart Buildings Program Director at the Telecommunications Management Association (TIA), developing assessment criteria, benchmarking and certification for Smart Buildings.

She has over 30 years of ICT industry experience as a software engineering manager and program manager responsible for global telecom projects development, business process automation solutions, and new technology investigation and prototyping.

At TIA, Marta has previously managed Standards committees and the Edge Data Centers program and has investigated a large variety of Smart Buildings technologies, standards and protocols on topics like IoT, in-building connectivity, energy harvesting, PoE, and LiFi.

Marta holds MSc in Computer Science and MBA in telecom degrees and is a certified PMI PMP project manager.

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