Digital Body Language



Book Title:  Digital Body Language: How to Build Trust and Connection, No Matter the Distance
Author: Erica Dhawan
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
List Price: $28.99
Format: hard cover, digital audiobook, eBook, 288 pages
Publication Date: May 2021
ISBN: 9781250246523
Reviewer: Aina Aliieva, PMP
Review Date: May 2021


Does your digital communication speak in the same way as your body language?

As mass immunization campaigns increase the likelihood of returning to a pre-COVID world, some aspects of work and socializing have been altered, perhaps permanently. The new norm for example, is working remotely. Even when health guidelines indicate it is safe to return to the office, it is likely that hiring workers and the assignment and completion of working tasks will still continue to be performed remotely. It was difficult to adjust to this structure, but now that it has been established, it will be difficult to revert back.

When it comes to effective communication, projecting and reading one’s body language is both necessary and challenging. It is a learned skill that required ample concentration even when we had the opportunity to see one another every day. During COVID, the transition to partially or fully remote groups of people working together meant this became a far more challenging task. This lack of visual and tactile cues due to purely digital communication has created misunderstandings and frustration in abundance for many.

Given that non-verbal communication is essential, and given the projected lack of opportunity to do so in a post-COVID world, how do we as managers adapt? How do we ensure that our teams can still communicate effectively with one another despite this handicap?

Why is there so much misunderstanding at work? How to keep my teams feeling connected to each other and to people on other teams? Why does it seem infinitely harder to foster trust, engagement, and the confidence to take risks? And HOW DO WE SHOW APPRECIATION NOWADAYS?


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About the Reviewer

Aina Aliieva

Toronto, ON, Canada


Aina Alive (Aliieva) has 10+ years working in Project Management and in an Agile environment.  She has managed and consulted on Technical, Construction, Telecom, Retail and Engineering projects. Aina is a Transformation Leader, Coach & Mentor. She helps individuals, teams and organizations in their transformation journey. Aina is passionate about productivity, creating a positive work environment and building Dream teams.

Aina has a Masters’s degree in electrical engineering and an MBA in technology. She holds PMP and PMI-ACP certificates. Aina is a proud member of PMI CWCC (Canadian West Coast Chapter), PMIT (Toronto Chapter), PMI Ukraine Chapter and UAE PMI. She is also a Program Manager, Disciplined Agile in PMI CWCC and DA Ambassador in PMIT.

Aina is an experienced public speaker and coach. In her free time, Aina participates in different mentorship programs, speaks at webinars and interviews people for her blog. She can be contacted at https://www.linkedin.com/in/aina-aliieva/

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