December 2019 PM Report from Italy

PM Expo® 2019 and PM Maturity Model ISIPM-Prado®



By Massimo Pirozzi

International Correspondent

Rome, Italy




This sixth Regional Report focuses on PM Expo® 2019, the major Event in Italy dedicated to Project Management, which has been organized, in Rome, by the major Italian Association of Project Management, the “Istituto Italiano di Project Management” (Italian Institute of Project Management, ISIPM for short), and also on the Project Management Maturity Model ISIPM-Prado®, which is having a good success among Italian Organizations.

 PM Expo® 2019

Istituto Italiano di Project Management (ISIPM) successfully organized, this year too, on November 8, in Rome, PM Expo® 2019  https://www.pmexpo.it/, which confirmed to be the main National Event in Italy dedicated to Project Management, and perhaps one of the major Events of this type in the world .

PM Expo® 2019, which focused on the three keywords “people, competences, and project management community”, was a National record in terms of more than 1200 people who participated the Event, and it had, this year too, a very significant success, which was proven also by very high rates of Participant Satisfaction, and by many hundreds of congratulations that have been issued both directly, and via social networks. PM World Journal was, this year too, the most welcome Media Partner of the Event, so confirming the excellent cooperation between ISIPM and PMWJ.

PM Expo® 2019 was located in Auditorium del Massimo in Rome: available structures included the main hall with 800 seating capacity, plus other five rooms, each one having a seating capacity from 60 to 100, plus spaces for several Sponsors and Exhibitors, plus spaces available for one of the most important issues of our Project Management Community, i.e. networking, that this year was also one of the key words of the Event, plus spaces … for food, pizza, sandwiches, beverages, coffee and so on.

Since the Public of PM Expo® is very diverse, including both professionals and students, employees and freelancers, civil servants and private employees, seniors and juniors, above location was important to support the “mixed formula” that ISIPM studied and applies to its major Events.  In fact, PM Expo® integrates, in a peculiar innovative way, Speeches by International and National Speakers, Round Tables, Workshops, Awarding of Prizes, Sponsors’ Speeches and Exhibitions, and even a Lottery for Participants and ISIPM’s Members.

The very rich program that was introduced by the President of ISIPM, Enrico Mastrofini, by the Vice President of ISIPM, Graziano Trasarti, and by Claudia Spagnuolo, Member of ISIPM Board, included several important issues and topics, like the state of art and the perspectives of project management in Italy, metrics, innovation management, risks and stakeholders, agile approaches, Foresight concepts, certifications for professional project managers, PM Maturity Models, PM applications, PM tools, PM in public administrations, PM in European Community-funded Projects, PM in start-ups, the stakeholder perspective in PM, PM 2.0 and 3.0.


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About the Author

Massimo Pirozzi

Rome, Italy




Massimo Pirozzi, MSc cum laude, Electronic Engineering, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Principal Consultant, Project Manager, and Educator. He is a Member and the Secretary of the Executive Board, a Member of the Scientific Committee, and an accredited Master Teacher, of the Istituto Italiano di Project Management (Italian Institute of Project Management). He is certified as a Professional Project Manager, as an Information Security Management Systems Lead Auditor, and as an International Mediator. He is a Researcher, a Lecturer, and an Author about Stakeholder Identification and Management, Relationship Management, Complex Projects Management, and Project Management X.0.

Massimo has a wide experience in managing large and complex projects in national and international contexts, and in managing relations with public and private organizations, including multinational companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, research institutes, and non-profit organizations. He worked successfully in several sectors, including Defense, Security, Health, Education, Cultural Heritage, Transport, Gaming, and Services to Citizens. He was also, for many years, a Top Manager in ICT Industry, and an Adjunct Professor in Organizational Psychology. He is registered as an Expert of the European Commission, and as an Expert of the Italian Public Administrations.

Massimo Pirozzi serves as an international Correspondent in Italy for the PM World Journal. He can be contacted at pirozzi@isipm.org

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