Book Title: Cybersecurity: The Insights You Need from Harvard Business Review  
Author:  Various Authors
Publisher:  Harvard Business Review
List Price:   $22.95
Format:  Soft Cover, 176 pages
Publication Date:  2019      
ISBN: 13:978-1-63369-787-4
Reviewer: Edward Raibick, PMP
Review Date:  April 2020





The Harvard Business Review book titled CYBERSECURITY is one in a series of books pertaining to protecting a company’s valuable assets. The series is dedicated to providing insight on today’s fastest moving issues. The other books in this series from HBR include Agile, Artificial intelligence, Blockchain, Monopolies and Tech Giants and Strategic Analytics.

The book touches on the cyber security topics relevant to businesses in this fast paced, network connected society. Topics include cyber security and risk mitigation, security investment and budgets, C-level metrics and reporting, employee training and awareness, and Artificial Intelligence / automation. It also provides insights from several perspectives for things to avoid, based on previous lessons learned throughout the industry.

Overview of Book’s Structure

  • Chapter 1.- Internet Security by Alex Blau discusses the modern internet-connected society, recent cyber-attacks and the three physical pillars of security. He discusses the critical infrastructure sectors that are vital to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. He also dives into the need for regular operating system patch updates and the consequences of ignoring this security maintenance task. Disaster recovery and backup systems are also discussed.
  • Chapter 2.- Security Trends by the Numbers by Scott Berinato and Matt Perry introduces the reader to the average number of attacks and breaches per company, the average cost of cyber-crime, external cyber-attacks by business sector, internal attacks, and what is attacked most often.
  • Chapter 3 – Why Boards Aren’t Dealing with Cyberthreats by J Yo-Cheng and Boris Groysberg dives into the reasons many Board of Directors are not ready or concerned about cyberthreats. It provides survey results of the several questions pertaining to cybersecurity and the strategic threat and average costs of data breaches in an organization.
  • Chapter 4 – The Behavioral Economics of Why Executives Undervest in Cybersecurity by Alex Blau discusses determining the return on investment (ROI) choices faced by executives, behavioral economics and the use of the wrong mental models in making investment decisions. The reader ins introduced to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Federal Information Security Modernization Act (FISMA). The chapter touches on peer-review surveys and weakest link in cybersecurity management.




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