Becoming A Manager



Book Title: Becoming A Manager: How New Managers Master The Challenges of Leadership, 2nd Ed.
Author:  Linda A. Hill
Publisher:  Harvard Business Review Press
List Price:   $32.00
Format:  Hardcover, 420 pages
Publication Date:  March 2019
ISBN: 978-1-63369-696-9
Reviewer:  Peter M. Walker, BFA, PMP
Review Date: September 2019




Becoming A Manager: How New Managers Master The Challenges of Leadership, Second Edition, came out on March 19, 2019. The book is a wonderful update to the first edition published in 2003. The author, Linda A. Hill, is a Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. Her methodology in the Appendix was easy to read and digest.

The book’s structure is divided into 5 main sections, mainly based around the facts and myths of transforming from an individual producer to becoming a manager and team leader. The narrative structure is written as a journey with an experienceable perspective from the author and the nineteen first year managers. The Epilogue is geared towards creating a culture of leadership and learning, aimed at senior management.

Overview of Book’s Structure

Becoming A Manager: How New Managers Master The Challenges of Leadership, Second Edition is arranged in five broad sections: Learning What It Means to Be a Manager, Developing Interpersonal Judgement, Confronting the Personal Side of Management, Managing the Transformation, Dispelling the Myths of Management with Epilogue. The main section introductions are Preface to the Second Edition, Preface and Introduction. The main sections are followed by an Appendix, Notes, Selected Bibliography, Index and About the Author.

The material is arranged as follows:

Preface to the Second Edition



  1. Learning What It Means to Be a Manager; 1. Setting the Stage; 2. Reconciling Expectations; 3. Moving Toward a Managerial Identity
  2. Developing Interpersonal Judgement; 4. Exercising Authority; 5. Managing Subordinates’ Performance
  3. Confronting the Personal Side of Management; 6. Gaining Self-Knowledge; 7. Coping with the Stresses and Emotions
  4. Managing the Transformation; 8. Critical Resources for the First Year; 9. Easing the Transformation
  5. Dispelling the Myths of Management with Epilogue; 10. Exercising Influence Without Formal Authority; 11. Building an Effective Team; 12. Learning for a Lifetime

Epilogue: Creating a Culture of Leadership and Learning


The book starts in a very strong way with the expectations and agenda of the managerial role from the perspective of the new manager, superiors and personal subordinates. The standards for the starting point of the new manager are stated.


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Peter M. Walker, B.F.A., P.M.P. has been an entrepreneur, business owner and manager working at the intersection of healthcare and IT for almost 20 years in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. He is in a career transition, obtaining a CAPM certification in February 2019 and a PMP certification in May 2019. He is in progress of obtaining Salesforce certifications.

Looking for an intrapreneurial role with a large organization in healthcare and life sciences, Peter has the experience and enthusiasm to fulfill the role of Project Manager with a servant leadership perspective. Peter can be contacted at pmac1230@gmail.com or on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/peterwalkertexas/


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