Balancing Act



Book Title:  Balancing Act: Teach Coach Mentor Inspire
Author:  Dr. Andrew Temte, CFA
Publisher:  Simon and Schuster
List Price: $24.99
Format: Hardcover, 216 pages
Publication Date: April 2021          
ISBN: 978-1506276649
Reviewer:  Jessica L. Clark, PMP
Review Date: March 2022



Exposing his shortcomings and regrets, Dr. Temte demonstrates vulnerability and the insights that come with learning from his mistakes. Readers are asked to take an honest look at themselves and are guided through the process of finding balance in every facet of their lives and in bringing others along for the journey. Balancing Act provides timely advice about emerging trends in leadership, continuous improvement, interpersonal skills, and business best practices.

Overview of Book’s Structure

Balancing Act is book-ended with an introduction and conclusion. Both the introduction and the last subchapter of the conclusion cleverly start with the same three impactful sentences. It is divided into seven chapters, or “parts”, which themselves are broken down into subchapters that introduce new thoughts and anecdotes. Dr. Temte employs the use of footnotes throughout to include source citations and inject a bit of humor and personality.

The parts of Balancing Act are separate yet tightly interwoven subjects that occasionally repeat themselves from one chapter to the next. If it were a different book this might seem redundant, however, Dr. Temte undoubtedly does this on purpose. He asserts that not only should you follow the “rule of seven” but that he “would alter this adage to ‘You have to say things seven ways through seven modalities’ for the message to be received…” While he cannot employ all the modalities he discusses in the book, nonetheless, the message is received loud and clear if you’re paying attention.


“Leadership for the Next Generation” discusses the shift from stoicism and the “do as I say,” mentality toward leadership that balances technical skills with emotional intelligence. Dr. Temte describes how leaders both positively and negatively impact and influence others, and how a healthy culture makes people feel safe and engaged. He shares what he looks for in potential employees and how important it is to help them keep the enthusiasm and vigor with which they start.

In “Education and Lifelong Learning” we are encouraged to think globally and act locally, which becomes increasingly important as our already small world becomes more connected. Dr. Temte shares what he believes are the “Four Core Competencies of a Future-Ready Workforce,” and posits that if we do not understand their importance we will be left behind.

“Effective Communication,” is one of the essential skills every professional should have. We are told not to create our own narrative, and to listen and pay attention to the cues people give us. Dr. Temte takes us through how different personality types communicate in different ways.


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About the Reviewer

Jessica L. Clark, PMP

Dallas – Ft. Worth Metroplex,
Texas, USA


At just nineteen years old, after having left art college and with no experience, Jessica took a job as a temporary receptionist with a small IT value-added reseller (VAR). She was quickly hired permanently and joined the marketing team. Having no shortage of moxie, she began reading the proposals she was designing collateral materials for and started asking questions. Within a year she had won a $70 million federal contract, her first of many. Working for a small company, she was involved in nearly every facet of the business including marketing, public relations, business development, sales, government contracts, administration, and operations.

The ability to try something completely foreign and excel at it led her to become a founding member of a startup IT/physical security integrator. Tapping into her creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, she built and operated a business that within just a few years was growing up to 200% a year, earning industry awards, and winning tens of millions of dollars in government business. She was able to sustain quality during explosive growth because she fostered a culture of collaboration and never stopped innovating and adapting business operations, processes, and tools.

Now, Jessica is the president of JLC Consulting, where she works to help startups and SMBs in IT, security, and related industries to grow, overcome operational challenges, and thrive. She is currently back in college upskilling to earn a degree in cybersecurity.

Jessica can be contacted via LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jessica-clark-pmp/ or via email at jessica@jlcconsultant.com.

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