Balancing Act



Book Title:  Balancing Act: Teach, Coach, Mentor, Inspire
Author:  Andrew Temte
Publisher:  Kaplan Publishing
List Price:  $29.95
Format:  Hardcover, 216 pages
Publication Date: April 2021
ISBN: 978-1-5062-7664-9
Reviewer: Elena Scoggin
Review Date: July 2021



“Success without balance is often more disastrous than failure with balance,” says Andrew Temte in his new book, Balancing ActBalancing Act addresses areas of leadership all too often ignored: emotional intelligence, continuous improvement, and lifelong learning. Through a mixture of personal anecdotes, careful research, and intense introspection, Temte urges leaders at every stage of an organization to look beyond their own narrow perspective and strive to weather even the harshest storms with empathy, professionalism, and unshakable focus.

How the book is organized

Temte divides Balancing Act into seven distinct parts, each focusing on a different aspect of leadership and personal growth. He writes about the importance of investing in employees and always making the effort to learn, grow, and develop. He then delves into effective communication and the importance of introspection and “the whole self.” Temte highlights the role that trust plays in an organization and describes times when a leader must relinquish control and become a follower. He concludes his book by discussing the function and challenges of leadership during both normal and trying times, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. He closes by urging the reader to always act with grace, dignity, and compassion, no matter where life might take them and their organization.


Temte kicks off the book by focusing on the lifeblood of every organization: its employees. He warns against the dangers of disengaged employees and the importance of cultivating the “light” in their eyes. “If middle managers can’t or won’t identify those who could match or surpass them,” Temte says, “the best and brightest individuals won’t get the recognition or opportunity they need and deserve.”

Temte goes on to emphasize the importance of lifelong learning and effective communication. In order to grow, leaders must view themselves as both teachers and lifelong learners. They must always ask themselves how they can grow, what more they can learn, and impart that wisdom to their employees so that they may grow as well. To effecively impart this wisdom, leaders must tailor their style of communication to their audience, and be willing to face difficult conversations head on with grace and dignity.

Temte then delves into the concept of the whole self, which he says is important for achieving and maintaining balance in and outside the workplace. To ensure he is caring for his “whole self,” Temte lives by six core concepts: calmness, consistency, persistence, thoughtfulness, agility, and industriousness. These concepts have evolved over time, Temte says, and help steer his everyday interactions. By regularly reminding himself of these six words, Temte is able to more quickly center himself and remind himself of his purpose and values.


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Elena Scoggin holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Eastern Illinois University and a Certified Associate in Project Management from PMI. She currently resides in Frisco, Texas, where she works as a project assistant.

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