April 2023 PM Update from Lugano



By Antonio Bassi

International Correspondent

Lugano, Ticino Canton, Switzerland

Project Management Competence Center at SUPSI (University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland)

The Project Management Competence Center has been launched within the Department of Innovative Technologies at SUPSI, with the main objective of promoting the culture of project management not only within national boundaries but also for anyone interested in this initiative.

The main objectives are:

  • To be a reference point on the territory and internationally for the discipline of project management
  • To provide support and develop knowledge to assist companies
  • To attract talent in the field of project management
  • To propose innovative and cross-cutting training courses

Research and Development

  • The competence center is committed to research and development in the field of project management, producing new knowledge and techniques to improve project management
  • Projects for the integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into Project Management
  • Support for companies to develop university research theses in the field of project management applications

New challenges:

  • Sustainability in projects
  • Agility and flexibility in project management
  • Management of changes induced by the project
  • Collaboration systems
  • Project management tools

Training and Education

  • The university competence center offers training and education programs in project management to help students and organizations acquire the necessary skills and knowledge and improve their organizational processes


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About the Author

Antonio Bassi

Lugano, Switzerland


Antonio Bassi, graduate in Electronic Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, has been a Project Manager since 2000. He has been a lecturer in project management at Continuing Education and Engineering, Project manager certifier for TUV, and Head of Continuing Education at SUPSI (University of Applied Science and Arts of Southern Switzerland) Dti (Department of Innovative Tecnologies). He is author of several books on Project Management and of articles for the magazine ‘Leadership & Management’. Currently president of the Project Management Association of Ticino (CH), he is a certified PMP (Project Management Professional) by PMI (Project Management Institute). He was previously a member of the steering committee for the Northern Italy chapter of PMI in Milano, the largest PMI chapter in Italy.  He is now enabling the development of the Project Management culture in the Swiss Canton of Ticino (CH).

Antonio took part in the development of the ISO 21500 family of standards and has been Project Manager for the development of the Italian standard UNI 11648 for the qualification of Project Managers in the Italian Public Administration. He is also a former teacher of Project Management for SNA (National School of Administration) in Italy. He edited the Italian translation of the Hermes methodology developed by the Public Administration of the Swiss Confederation. He took part in the verification of the Italian translation of the PMI PMBOK for the III and IV editions and in the verification of the translations of PMP certification exam questions. He is a developer of Knowledge Management projects as research activity in universities and manager of webinars, conferences and forums for the development of knowledge management and project management.

Antonio can be contacted at antonio.bassi@supsi.ch.