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Book Title:  Agile Project Management: A Mandate for the 21st Century
Author: Karen R.J. White
Publisher: PM Solutions
List Price: $17.13 (Amazon)
Format: Soft cover, 120 pages
Publication Date: January 2009
ISBN 13:  978-1929576272
Reviewer: Low Daniels, Jr.
Review Date: March 2023



Karen R.J. White, MSc, PMP, is a Graduate level Program Director who has authored books and other bodies of knowledge, regarding various aspects of agile business practices. A portion of her public bio reads as follows:

  • Board President, Center for Health & Learning, Brattleboro VT, 2019 to present; served on Finance Committee, Development Committee. Technology Committee
  • Past chair, PMI Educational Foundation Board of Directors. Previously chaired PMI’s Ethics Review Committee and the Ethics Standards Implementation Planning Committee. Also served on PMI Board of Directors and several member advisory groups, co-chaired the PMI’96 Annual Seminar/Symposia, and served on chapter boards. Recipient of PMI Distinguished Contribution Award. Recognized as a Fellow of the Institute.
  • Active in IEEE Computer Society’s Technical Council on Software Engineering, formerly a member of the Executive Advisory Board and the Program Chair for several software/business reengineering conferences.
  • Profiled in Who’s Who In America and Who’s Who In the World. Holds an MS in Information Systems from Northeastern University’s Graduate School of Engineering.(White (Heath), 2023)

Overview of Book’s Structure

Prior to opening this work, it states “not intended as a full primer on the agile philosophy or on adaptive leadership”. Yet, it was expertly crafted to illuminate key perspectives many senior leaders struggle with acquiring today—almost 15 years later.

The outline consists of five (5) chapters, references, and a glossary. Woven into the fabric of an easy to read, 120-page book are processes, templates, visualizations, theories, and techniques from throughout all of the project management institution.


There are many highlights and quotations that could have been regarded as profound in 2009. But those I enjoyed more; I will bullet them here:

  • At a period when businesses were championing either agile or waterfall, she laid down a template for recognizing when hybrid processes should be in use.
  • Her leading agile projects discourse required levels of open-mindedness which was, again, before its time when written.
  • The various exhibits providing visualization of concepts were potent guides.
  • She constantly revolved around an unwavering focus on processes and control that lead to true agility without compromising the work culture to achieve value.


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About the Reviewer

Lowveris “Low” Daniels, Jr.

Dallas, Texas, USA


Low Daniels, PMP, DASM, LGBC is an impassioned person who has come into the project management profession knowing what struggles are and the strength one can gain from overcoming them. With wisdom born from supporting traditional and agile project management practices, he has sought to empower others as they tread the pathways of life.

Although working as an influencer for a Forbes 500 corporation, he is active within that organizations ERNs (Employee Resource Network) and deeply involved in PMI Dallas Chapter as well. His PMI activities include volunteering, Toastmasters, community outreach, and certifications as a PMP and DASM. Having navigated various roles, positions, and industries, he has realized the bulk of his project management experiences were honed within sales and customer experience segments. Being a former co-owner in several small businesses and a people leader, he values energy dedicated towards advancement and development of people.

Email address: www.linkedin.com/in/lowdanielsjr

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