A Russian journalist predicted a year ago


how it turns out: Russia attacks Ukraine,

and this becomes a humiliation for Russia



By Pekka Torvinen

International Journalist, Helsingin Sanomat

Helsinki, Finland

March 27th 2022

Translated from the Finnish by Dr. Jouko Vaskimo [1]

Aleksandr Nevzorov said in April 2021, that for Russia the war is above all an opportunity to steal from its own army, writes international news journalist of Helsingin Sanomat, Pekka Torvinen.

Aleksandr Nevzorov in Helvetia hotel in St Petersburg in July 2019. PHOTO: KSENIA IVANOVA / NEW YORK TIMES

Through the propaganda cranked out by the Russian administration, it is sometimes difficult to see that in Russia there are also clearly thinking public figures, who have not yet been put behind bars or silenced in other ways.

One of them is 63-year-old Aleksandr Nevzorov, an end-of-the-Soviet-times major TV star, a revealer of corruption and charismatic presenter of the 600 seconds -program broadcast from Leningrad. He served also as an independent Member of Parliament in the Russian State Duma from 1993 to 2007.

Through many twists and turns, Nevzorov has turned into a bitter critic of the Russian regime, although he supported Vladimir Putin back in the day, and among other things, supported starting the first Chechnyan war in 1994.

He is no longer on television, but his Youtube channel has more than 1.6 million subscribers.

Nevzorov speaks with the appropriate words about the large-scale offensive war started by Russia in Ukraine.

“I see a war and I call it a war. And not just any war, but a criminal and schizophrenic war that destroys Russia completely”, Nevzorov wrote on Twitter in mid-March.

And when the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov claimed in early March that the Russian “special military operation” was intended to prevent a war in Ukraine or a starting war from Ukraine, Nevzorov said that there is no better example of “idiot logic”.

“Earlier this kind of reasoning could only be found in psychiatric textbooks, but thanks to the Russian Foreign Ministry, it can now be found in diplomatic telegrams. By this logic, accidental burning of the house can only be prevented by burning the house.”


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How to cite this article: Torvinen, P. (2022).  A Russian journalist predicted a year ago how it turns out: Russia attacks Ukraine, and this becomes a humiliation for Russia, originally published in Helsingin Sanomat on 27 March 2022, republished in PM World Journal, Vol. XI, Issue IV, April.  Available online at https://pmworldlibrary.net/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/pmwj116-Apr2022-Torvinen-a-Russian-journalists-prediction.pdf

[1] Translated and republished on approval of Helsingin Sanomat.