7 Challenges faced in Hybrid Project Management


Framework environments



By Shyamkumar Narayana

Illinois, USA


This article provides current or future project managers insights into the challenges they may face while managing a project in a hybrid project management framework environment and can be prepared to meet the challenges head-on without getting offended amongst the circumstances they are in.

7 Challenges faced in Hybrid Project Management

1 In a hybrid Project management framework, you will have to strongly adjust to the Customer’s direction which can be confusing at times i.e., sometimes, certain members of the project team are comfortable to see the project schedule in MS Project, however some are averse to it and rather see the activities in a JIRA Board and monitor the project progress using Burndown chart.

2. Sometimes midstream in a project, you might have to gravitate to a complete Agile methodology vs. following a Work Breakdown structure.

3. Other times, you will have a project schedule in MS Project for project leadership and a Rigorous JIRA/Kanban Board for the Delivery team and you will have to synchronize the two repositories on a constant basis to reflect the accurate and current progress of the project.

4. Also, there will be a mix of project status review meetings and a Scrum Ceremony to address the needs of different audiences within the same project team.

5. The method of escalating issues/risks will widely vary i.e., in certain instances, they are reported in the project status report via a PowerPoint deck and in other instances, they are reviewed during the Scrum ceremonies via a JIRA Board representation or in an Excel file format.


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Shyamkumar Narayana

Illinois, USA


Shyamkumar Narayana, MBA, ACP, PMP, CSM, LSSGB has over 20+ Years’ experience of successfully managing large Programs/Projects to be precise around 100+ for Fortune 500 Companies. Some of the projects ranged in budget size of $25M to $250M with a large distributed and global team size of 60+.