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By David Pells

Managing Editor

Addison, Texas, USA

Welcome to the March 2024 PM World Journal

Welcome to the July 2024 edition of the PM World Journal (PMWJ), the 143rd monthly edition of this practitioner-oriented publication. This month’s PMWJ is another diverse and interesting edition, with 39 new works by 47 different authors representing 17 different countries. The new editions this month bring our totals to 5,121 works by 1,988 different authors representing 90+ countries published in the PMWJ to date and now archived in the PM World Library.

Two Letters to the Editor are included in this edition, both on the topic of progress measurement, in response to a previously published advisory article and previous letter to the editor on the same topic. The authors are two of our frequent readers and contributors in France and The Philippines, perhaps somewhat reflecting the international readership of the PMWJ. Both are respected experts on the topic of their emails, so please read these if you are at all interested in project controls.

Two Interviews are also included this month, courtesy of PMWJ correspondents Yasmina Khelifi in Paris and Ipek Sahra Ozguler in Istanbul.  Yasmina has interviewed Dr. Badr Burshaid, president of the PMO Global Alliance Saudi Hub and winner of PMOGA’s 2020 PMO Leader of the Year.  He is also the organizer of the hugely successful Global PM Forum in Saudi Arabia which recently hosted some 11,000+ participants.  Ipek has interviewed another PMO leader, Mr. Joe Pusz, founder and president of The PMO Squad based in Phoenix, USA and the winner of the 2022 America’s PMO Influencer of the Year.  If you are involved with or interested in PMO’s, check out these interesting interviews with two top influencers in the field.

11 Featured Papers are included this month, by authors in five different countries.  These good papers are a mix of academic and professional research, by professors, graduate students and very senior project management practitioners.  The topics vary from directly to indirectly related to program and project management. Rather than mention all of the titles and authors, I can say that these are substantial works representing many hours of research and writing.  So please review the titles and summaries and read one or two. Several are a little dry, several fascinating and a couple on very significant topics.

Since six of the featured papers this month are by authors in Nigeria, as were four last month, I want to comment on this development.  All of these papers are by graduate students, professors and researchers at major Nigerian universities. Apparently they are finding the PMWJ convenient for publishing their work, either due to our simple publishing process, speed with which their research results can be shared, or other reasons.  But here are some interesting facts that are also relevant: Nigeria is the 6th most populous country in the world with the largest population in Africa; Nigeria is an English-speaking country with a growing economy, already the fourth largest in Africa; it has a young and vibrant population; and according to our flag counter, Nigeria has the 12th highest number of PMWJ readers in the world.  We welcome well written works from PM professionals and practitioners anywhere in the world. I am personally happy that academic leaders and researchers in Nigeria are finding it useful to publish their works in the PMWJ.  And finally, over the years, I have found that research, knowledge and experience gained in many developing economies can be applied equally in many other countries, including fully developed countries such as the USA, UK and elsewhere.  We can all learn from each other, regardless of location, industry, level of knowledge or education.

Seven Series Articles are included by 12 authors in nine countries, all of whom are experts in their respective fields.  Dr. Deepa Bhide in India is back with another powerful article, this month co-authored by Hrishikesh Deshpande, PhD in Germany, in Dr. Deepa’s 2024 series on “Healthcare, AI and Project Management”.  This month’s article is titled “Role of Project Managers and PMOs in AI for Healthcare, Part 1”. Don’t miss this article series each month in the PMWJ.

Dr. Stanislaw Gasik in Poland has authored the next in his series on “Let’s Talk About Public Projects”, this month’s article titled “Unsolicited Proposals and Unsolicited Contracts: Involving private companies in shaping public project portfolios”. Dr. Gasik fills in another missing piece in this important application field for program and project management. Oliver Lehmann in Germany has authored the next article in his very interesting “Project Business Management” series, this one titled “The Fault Zones in Project Business.”  If you are a contractor or supplier of project management services, you should follow Oliver’s work.  It will save you money, headaches and perhaps some customers.


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David L. Pells

Managing Editor, PMWJ
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 David L. Pells, PMI Fellow, HonFAPM, ISIPM, PMA, is Managing Editor and publisher of the PM World Journal (www.pmworldjournal.com) and Managing Director of the PM World Library (www.pmworldlibrary.net). David is an internationally recognized leader in the field of professional project management with more than 40 years of experience on a variety of programs and projects, including engineering, construction, energy, defense, transit, technology and nuclear security, and project sizes ranging from thousands to billions of dollars. He occasionally acts as project management advisor for U.S. national laboratories and international programs, and currently serves as an independent advisor for a major U.S. national security program.

David Pells has been an active professional leader in the United States since the 1980s, as founder and president of several PMI chapters, founder of PMI’s first SIG (Project Earth), and member of the PMI board of directors twice.  He was founder and chair of the Global Project Management Forum (1995-2000), an annual meeting of leaders of PM associations from around the world. David was awarded PMI’s Person of the Year award in 1998 and Fellow Award, PMI’s highest honor, in 1999. He is also an Honorary Fellow of the Association for Project Management (APM) in the UK; the Instituto Italiano di Project Management (ISIMP) in Italy; and Project Management Associates (PMA) in India.

Former managing editor of PM World Today, he is the creator, editor and publisher of the PM World Journal (ISSN: 2330-4880).  David has a BA in Business Administration from the University of Washington and an MBA from Idaho State University in the USA.  He has published widely and spoken at conferences and events worldwide.  David lives near Dallas, Texas and can be contacted at editor@pmworldjournal.com.

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