Scoring Schemes for Prioritising Project Risks


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Dr David Hillson, PMI Fellow, HonFAPM, FIRM

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Several leading project risk management standards and guidelines suggest that individual risks can be ranked using a risk scoring scheme that represents a combination of probability and impact, using the following definitions:

The Risk Score for each risk is produced by multiplying P x I, then this score is used to rank the risks. A risk with medium probability and high impact has a Risk Score of 0.5 x 0.4 = 0.20. The Risk Score for a low probability/very high impact risk is 0.3 x 0.8 = 0.24. So the second risk ranks higher than the first.

But have you ever wondered where these numbers come from? This particular risk scoring scheme was developed by a small group of risk consultants in the mid-1990s to bring some consistency to our practice. The numbers were derived empirically after some trial and error, but the thinking was as follows:

  • Both sets of scales are non-dimensional numbers, and do not have any units. So, in the probability scale, for example, 0.1 does not mean 10% or 1:10, it is just a numerical indicator of the VLO probability rating. Similarly, 0.8 for impact does not “mean” anything, it is just a number referring to a VHI impact rating.
  • This means that you can’t multiply the P score and the I score to get a P-I Score that can be converted to days or dollars or anything else. The product is simply a rating scale that takes account of two dimensions to give a single common index that allows risks to be ranked against each other.


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