Portfolio Management Metrics and Reporting


Boosting Organisational Value Through Smarter Portfolio Management


By Iain Fraser

New Zealand



Portfolio Management Metrics

Portfolio metrics are typically fashioned from aggregated measures of key information from a variety of sources. Ideally, those should be shown in a balanced scorecard format. We have all seen organizations producing reports that have far too much information, and which provide little assistance to the report’s recipients. Again, the secret to success is to be simple in design yet powerful in terms of content and shared understanding. A well-designed dashboard and/or report should offer data and executive commentary on some or all of these factors:

  • Strategic goal and/or business objective progress with each separated and clearly labelled,
  • Financial status and time to value together with projected savings and non-drawdown of reserves,
  • Split of opex and capex status in a rolled-up consolidation,
  • Risk profile, including consolidated view,
  • Consolidated portfolio data,
  • Opportunities for portfolio change.

Build your metrics that will cover those. You’ll be surprised by how few you actually need.

Portfolio Management Reporting

Reporting on the progression of portfolios needs to be high-level and aligned to the organization’s strategy and related objectives. Ideally, the content, performance, and balancing is tightly linked to other organizational reporting. Some examples of report types and content are:

  • Balanced Scorecard across all portfolios,
  • Portfolio performance metrics,
  • Program of work reporting:
    • Benefit achievement
    • Asset maintenance and development status
    • Risk profile
    • Resource capability and capacity
  • Project reporting in a summarized manner if not included as part of a program of work,


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Iain Fraser is a former Chair and Fellow of the Project Management Institute and a globally recognized PM expert and professional leader.  This series of articles on smarter portfolio management is based on Iain’s book “The Business of Portfolio Management: Boosting Organizational Value Through Portfolio Management” (PMI, 2017).

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About the Author

Iain Fraser

Scotland & New Zealand


 Iain Fraser, Dip PPC, PMP, MoP, P3M3, PMI Fellow, Fellow PMINZ has over 30 years of global business, portfolio, program of work, project, and EPMO leadership experience from a variety of sectors such as oil & gas, telecommunications, power, banking, defence, government and technology. He is globally known for his expertise and in-sights on leveraging benefits from project-based management for business advantage. A former CEO, he is now an independent consultant, speaker and trainer. He is considered a thought-leader by his peers, has been featured on live radio, video and podcasts and has been quoted in The Times and The Telegraph of the UK. He is the author of the top-selling business book ‘The Business of Portfolio Management— Boosting Organizational Value(PMI, 2017) and co-author ofThe Business of People: Leadership for the Changing World(Routledge, 2019) with Madeleine Taylor as well as other publications. More at www.jacobite.co.nz

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