On the War in Ukraine


and lines in the sand



11 April 2022

Dear Editor,

Responding to your call for comment on the Ukraine situation; but in any event, taking the opportunity to vent and share my sentiments.

Questions:  Why is the nuclear/biological/chemical warfare ‘line in the sand — that the allied powers are apparently waiting for Putin to cross before they retaliate — so crucial?  Is it because death and destruction by nuclear/biological or chemical aggression is so horrific it is a ‘crime against humanity;’ whereas killing people with traditional bullets and bombs is ‘fair play’ as it does not violate the rules of war of the ‘Geneva’ or subsequent conventions?

Frankly, I fail to appreciate that logic, as – apart from the comparative killing mechanism ‘efficiencies’ — the end result is the same.

Dr. Ken Smith

Manila, The Philippines

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