On the usefulness of the PMWJ and PMWL



24 December 2019


Dear David

I really appreciate and value your help and the PM World Journal and PM World Library. I use these sources in my classes: my students like papers published in the PMWJ and have subscriptions to PM World Library. Some of them use the sources to develop their thesis projects; a few even published their thesis in journals including your PMWJ.

Of particular value and interest is the virtual student internship which you offer to my students. They are excited in taking this and happy when they complete it and receive a certificate of completion, letter of recommendation from you, have their own profile page in PMWJ&L (showcasing them globally) and build a network of peers from around the world. Once they finish the internship, they tell me it helped them to find a better job or get promoted. Since 2016, you have truly been a valuable partner for my school and program.

To me personally the PMWJ is a number one professional journal. But even if it is a practitioner-oriented outlet, I see many papers written by university professors like me which have good research rigor. Sometimes I find out they could easily compete with papers published in research journals. But the good is that the PMWJ papers are practical and understandable by practitioners; I see this as an advantage which many research journals are not able to demonstrate. Being a professor of practice, I believe, at the end, research is done to help practitioners to improve our real life.

I wish you Merry Christmas, success to your journal and growth to your library, and may the New Year 2020 bring many more students and professors.

Best regards,

Timur Narbaev, PhD
Professor of Management
Kazakh-British Technical University
Almaty, Kazakhstan