On the Subject of the Journal’s 100th Edition




1 December 2020

Dear David,

I observed that this edition of PM World Journal is the 100th since it was launched in 2012.  This is a significant project milestone and one that needs to be appreciated by our leadership. Your professional courage has contributed to the PM World Journal success. Congratulations on behalf of all Spanish project management practitioners.

The Journal offers its readers a good resource for all those who manage by project.  This Journal allows a forum for discussion, comparison and evaluation in several subjects on the field of project management. I’m conscious about the difficulties that managing a Journal like this has and the challenge of maintaining it alive month by month. Not everybody is ready to write and contribute periodically. In fact, it is one pending skill to be developed by PM professionals worldwide (e.g. passion, persistence and patience). And I see you are always cultivating these three Ps. Thanks so much for that.

I have seen that Journal coverage is very wide.  The combination of regional reports and news, plus articles and book reviews, ensures that readers are provided with an impressive amount of means, tools, and examples to be supported in the profession.

The library access is easy to use. This archive contains many unique contributions from acknowledged leaders in the field and has demonstrated to be really helpful. I also enjoyed the section dedicated to book reviews.  It provides graduate students and new generations the opportunity to evaluate the latest literature about our profession. I’m recommending the PM World Journal to my Business Schools and University students.

These achievements are a direct result of your courage and leadership.  From the start, you have provided a great example to follow. I am really happy to contribute to your wonderful PM World Journal project. Count always on my support for this unbelievable achievement. It is for me a great honour to be a team member of your great project. Please never give-up, your contribution and dedication to the profession makes a difference. TOMORROW will be better!


Alfonso Bucero
Madrid, Spain

How to cite this work: Bucero, A. (2020). On the Subject of the Journal’s 100th Edition, Letter to the Editor, PM World Journal, Vol. IX, Issue XII, December. https://pmworldlibrary.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/pmwj100-Dec2020-Bucero-on-journals-100th-edition-Letter-to-Editor.pdf