On the Subject of Project Management needs a Higher Purpose


Part 3 + 4!



By Federico Minelle

Rome, Italy

7 April 2021

Ref: https://pmworldjournal.com/article/project-management-needs-a-higher-purpose-part-3; https://pmworldjournal.com/article/project-management-needs-a-higher-purpose-part-4, PM World Journal, Vol. X, Issues III-IV, March-April 2021


Dear David,

I just got through the 3rd and 4th parts of your editorial notes on the subject and, of course, I again fully agree with your thoughts and recommendations about social responsibility of the PM profession right now and in the future, in order to support a hopeful good shape of our and only world.

Below I write my comments about your final published parts:

  1. It is worthwhile pointing out the classic definition of “civil society” you recall. We must start from this comprehensive definition, because at present neither government bodies nor business enterprises show a real interest in social responsibility issues. Our responsibility, as a professional group of interest on PM discipline, is to widespread the awareness that the PM approach can help in spending efficiently and effectively any effort towards the implementation of all the initiatives according to this mainstream.
  1. Doing the “right projects” is the first step! This is the main objective of portfolio management implementation in Italy, starting with the already mentioned Recovery Plan. Our actual aim is the long-term benefits: these should be our North Star direction.
  1. The projects return on investment (ROI) is a limited and only monetary view of cost/benefit analysis: short or long term benefits must include “global happiness and well-being trends for all the stakehoders” (https://www.happinesscouncil.org/) or in Italy: Alleanza Italiana per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile (https://asvis.it/), which I suggest to look at: a site English version is available.
  1. To use the SDGs as a scorecard is good suggestion! Any peculiar example? I will follow it. The above-mentioned ASVIS adopts the 17 SDGs objectives to organize their teams.
  1. I totally agree that governance has also to be incorporated into portfolio, program and project management standards and approaches. Italian corporations and governmental institutions have social responsibility legislation, but not yet widely embraced, especially among politicians, as we experienced along many years up-to-now.



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