On the Subject of PM Standards, People and Community



By Massimo Pirozzi

Rome, Italy



22 February 2020

Dear David,

I would just like to share with you some considerations after having taken some cues from the new PMI’s Standard for Project Management (and future ANS), which I had the chance of examining in its Exposure Draft, from the next Guide to PMBOK 7th Edition, which will contain it and which is supposed to be available in a near future, and also from the already announced scheme of PMP examinations, which is supposed to be active on next July.

It seems evident that a thorough renewal is under way (PMI says that it is a “fresh approach to the profession”), and this is going to lead to drastic changes in PMP Certification process, and on PMI’s reference texts. Indeed, PMI is introducing a brand-new concept of Standard (former one was always coincident with PMBOK Guide), which we may consider “lean” (its draft was less than 40 pages), which will probably influence next International Standard ISO 21502 (that is presently referred on a dedicated page of PMI’s website), which will be applicable to traditional, agile, and hybrid projects, which introduces the concept of “project delivery” (that is supposed to include project management!), which is based on “project delivery principles” and not anymore on “process groups”, which introduces new roles and professions too, and so on. Then, after the Standard, PMBOK Guide 7th Edition, which is supposed to include it, will follow; may be it will have less pages than the previous one, but what we know for sure is that in this case PMI will not release an exposure draft, and that the new Guide will be based on “performance domains” and not anymore on “knowledge areas”.

Moreover, we already know, although it seems that no reference text and/or course is available yet, that, starting from next July, PMP Examination will radically change, too: instead of being based 100% on processes as the previous one (and as it was in the past), it will be based 50% on “Process” domain, 42% on “People” domain, and 8% on “Business Environment” domain. This new perspective that enhances greatly the importance of people – which, by the way, is fully in accordance with what other International and National PM Associations carry on since several years – is, in my opinion, perfectly represented by PMI’s Chair, Tony Appleby, in the interview made by Ipek Sahra Ozguler that PMWJ published last month, when he said, very directly, “The most important lesson I’ve learned in my career is that it’s all about the people.”


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About the Author


Massimo Pirozzi

Rome, Italy



Massimo Pirozzi, MSc cum laude, Electronic Engineering, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Principal Consultant, Project Manager, and Educator. He is a Member and the Secretary of the Executive Board, a Member of the Scientific Committee, and an Accredited Master Teacher, of the Istituto Italiano di Project Management (Italian Institute of Project Management), and he is a Senior Examiner for Certifications in Project Management, and for Professional Project Managers, too. He is Certified as a Professional Project Manager, as an Information Security Management Systems Lead Auditor, and as an International Mediator.

He is a Researcher, a Lecturer, and an Author about Stakeholder Management, Relationship Management, and Complex Projects Management; in particular, he is the Author of the Book “The Stakeholder Perspective: Relationship Management to enhance Project value and Success”, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, October 2019.  He has a wide experience in managing large and complex projects in national and international contexts, and in managing relations with public and private organizations, including multinational companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, research institutes, and non-profit organizations. He worked successfully in several sectors, including Defense, Security, Health, Education, Cultural Heritage, Transport, Gaming, and Services to Citizens. He was also, for many years, a Top Manager in ICT Industry, and an Adjunct Professor in Organizational Psychology. He is registered as an Expert both of the European Commission, and of Italian Public Administrations.

Massimo Pirozzi serves as an International Correspondent in Italy for the PM World Journal. He received two 2019 PM World Journal Editor’s Choice Awards for his featured paper “Stakeholders, Who Are They?”, and for his report from Italy titled “PM Expo® and PM Maturity Model ISIPM-Prado®”. He received also the 2018 PM World Journal Editor’s Choice Award for his featured paper “The Stakeholder Management Perspective to Increase the Success Rate of Complex Projects”.

Massimo can be contacted at max.pirozzi@gmail.com

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