On the misuse of project management discipline


in the Ukraine war



By Federico Minelle

Rome, Italy

18 March 2022

Dear David,

I fully second the passionate letter written by Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez just published on PMWJ and on ISIPM site, too.

Below I write my comments about that:

  • Ethics in project management discipline

You may manage a so evil project like the subject one, but all the standards about ethics in PM clearly forbid a professional person to be responsible for that. Therefore, I ask for a mandatory and immediate dismission from any international PM associations of everybody from invading countries, who were someway (even slightly) involved in the PM of the war, unless they officially declare to not agree with the war purpose. I wonder whether it should be also considered applicable for any members of the other Countries that not approved (in the UNO meeting) the war: they account for more than half of world population!

  • Weapons supply to Ukraine army

We should recall that in the II° World War the civilians from many occupied Countries, who want to rebel against Nazis, were supported by the Allied Armies, including weapons supply and intelligence info (both ways). In Italy these heroes were called “partisans of the resistance”, being main actors of large cities liberation (e.g.: Milan, Turin, Naples) and Fascist head (“duce” Mussolini) capture and shooting. Did it have a counterpart cost in terms of human lives? Yes, not only Partisans, but also many innocent people, as in Sant’Anna di Stazzema (560 persons, whole families), in Marzabotto (1.830 persons), Fosse Ardeatine in Rome (335 civilian and military Italians, political prisoners, Jews or common prisoners), and so on.

Therefore, army supplying to Ukraine people will have a cost? Awfully yes, but which is the alternative choice? A free Country must choose its destiny, and Ukraine desperately asks for effective weapons! If you recall, the song “Bella Ciao”, the hymn of Resistance, was often sang by Ukraine impromptu choirs …


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