On the Matter of the PM World Journal




30 November 2020

Dear David,

It has come to my attention that this edition of PM World Journal is the 100th since its launch in 2012.  This is a significant landmark and one that needs to be appreciated by our readership.

The Journal offers its readers a resource for all those who manage by project.  It is non-partisan in that does supports all the many project management professional societies; it is non-commercial and so fully independent, allowing a forum for discussion, comparison and evaluation.

Another defining feature of the Journal is the breadth of its coverage.  The combination of regional reports and news coverage ensures that readers are provided with an unparalleled range of material from news coverage, through advisory articles and technical reports to updates on key papers by well-respected experts.

The Journal has ensured that all this material, from the first edition to the current month is availability through the Library.  This archive contains many unique contributions from acknowledged leaders in the field is of inestimable help to project people at every level.  Another important feature is the section devoted to book reviews.  These are helpful to potential buyers of books but also, and probably more importantly, provide graduate students the opportunity to evaluate the latest literature about our profession.

One of the most significant aspects of the Journal has been its provision of internships for students around the world.  These allow students to pursue research opportunities in a working environment, helping them to build on their academic skills and move into the world of the working project manager.

These achievements are a direct result of your inspired and inspiring leadership.  From the start, you have provided the driving ethos, recruited likeminded contributors and set the example that we all follow.  I am sure my colleagues share my admiration of your drive, enthusiasm and leadership.  I feel greatly privileged to have played a small part in these achievements.  The world of project management owes you a great debt.


Miles Shepherd
Salisbury, England, UK

How to cite this work: Shepherd, M. (2020). On the Matter of the PM World Journal, Letter to the Editor, PM World Journal, Vol. IX, Issue XII, December. https://pmworldlibrary.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/pmwj100-Dec2020-Shepherd-on-the-matter-of-the-journal-Letter-to-Editor.pdf