On Everyone Smiles in the Same Language



6 April 2023

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Dear David,

I am very happy and excited to share the inspiration and some stories of the positive impact created by my article “Everyone smiles in the same language”, published in Project Management World Journal’s May 2022 edition as a response to your call to action against war.

I’ve thought you would be happy to know them and who knows whether the article and the stories can keep inspiring other people to smile and promote peace, joy, and common understanding around the world.

One of the great stories came from a school; it’s a diverse community of nationalities and the article inspired them to produce a video that they share with their parent community.

The video is beautiful, with young students and school staff saying “Everyone smiles in the same language” in different languages and with a smile on their faces.

Here is the link in case it can also inspire your readers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idgFmSVTUVI

“Smiling is a universal language, which creates goodness and beauty around us, while at the same time it does not make a difference among countries, cultures or languages. A smile has the power of a common language for people around the world, bringing peace and understanding, no matter where we are from.”



Best regards,

Manuel Ancizu

Pamplona, Spain

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