October 2023 PM Update from Rome



By Alessandro Quagliarini

International Correspondent

Rome, Italy

Breaking news from the Project Management

Communities’ Associations in Italy


In this article we are going to expose briefly the main activities and the historical results achieved by the Associations of Project Management in Italy, from pre-summer period up to now, reporting what are the most relevant events from the recent period and those scheduled in next future and showing their importance for the development of the Project Management community in Italy.

The Associations of Project Management Community in Italy


In recent periods Italian PMI chapters are trying to make their effort even more synergic and cooperative than usual, having as a common objective the organization of the National Forum of Project Management which will be held in presence on the next October 6th for the first time after the pandemics.  This joint initiative of the three PMI Italian Chapters (PMI Northern Italy Chapter, PMI Central Italy Chapter and PMI Southern Italy Chapter), born in 2017, is addressed to all project managers throughout the country. After the stages of Florence, Naples and Milan and the exclusively online editions of the last two years, the National Forum of Project Management 2023 will take place in Bologna, specifically at the headquarters of Fico Eataly World[4], selected for their thematic and geographical centrality with this year’s theme: food for thought. “Food”, therefore, not only as nourishment for the body, but also as an inexhaustible source of creativity, culture and sharing. The Italian excellence that has always been expressed at the highest levels through its food culture and activities, such as sustainable agriculture and food & wine sectors right in its Bolognese temple, crosses the boundaries to embrace the wider ones of design in its multiple areas: from the automotive industry to computer science, from fashion to services.

Morning session will be about the following matters:

  • “Thinking about food”, presented by Augusto Enrico Semprini, specialist in the treatment of reproductive disorders and immunologist. Born in Milan, where he teaches at the State University, his interest in a healthy and balanced diet has led him to deepen his knowledge with technical courses of baking, tasting of wines and cheeses;
  • “Planning growth” with Anna Trevissoi, Head of product strategy and processes at Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.. Anna is a mechanical engineer and worked in various fields, including Project Management, before taking over the leadership of Product Strategy at Lamborghini. Anna will expose the latest Lamborghini product line;
  • “Nourishing body and mind”, with Monia Caramma – sustainable food researcher, nutrition expert, independent popularizer and columnist – Included by Forbes in the list of the 100 most influential women in Italy, committed to promoting a healthy and sustainable diet. Her research experience allows her to share valuable information about informed food choices);
  • “New organised cooperation – Project Management and Social Impact”, presented by Marco Traversi, Antonio De Rosa, Simmarco Perrillo. Marco is founder and CEO of Project Ahead, Director of Dialogue Place and expert in business creation and social innovation. Antonio is senior project coordinator for the Cooperative Social Agropoli Onlus. Simmarco is President of the NCO Consortium – New Organized Cooperation and the Social Cooperative “Beyond dreams”, active protagonist of the path of redemption and economic and civil growth of the territory of Caserta. During the session the speakers will discuss New Organized Cooperation (shortly NCO), a consortium of social cooperatives that collaborates with different entities in the management of confiscated assets, using a “multistakeholder” governance model developed by Project Ahead to address the complex challenges of regeneration projects in a direct and transparent way).


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About the Author

Alessandro Quagliarini

Rome, Italy


Alessandro Quagliarini, MScEng, PMP, MBA, is an experienced Program Manager, with more than 18 years of experience in the ICT sector. He holds a Master’s Degree in Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” and a Doctor’s degree in Business Administration from the Bologna University Business School. He got both PMP® and ISIPM-Av® advanced certifications in Project Management, and he is also certified as an Information Management Systems Lead Auditor. He is a Member of the Board of the “Italian Institute of Project Management” (ISIPM) for ten years, and he is an Accredited Teacher in Project Management.

Alessandro is currently engaged in the “Digital Transformation” engineering and industrialization programs of the new Italian “Open Fiber” telecommunications network, with particular focus on the engineering of delivery and assurance processes for the provision of retail, business and industries customers, on the operational management and procurement support for the definition of specifications and contracts, on the definition of operating rules/ instructions for maintenance and of requirements for systems development, on the support to the commercial and regulatory lines for the definition of services and processes for customers (Other Licensed Operators and Industries), and on the definition and management of operations compliance with ISO Standards and International Best Practices.

As a Member of the ISIPM Board, he focuses his volunteer activities mainly on the cultural diffusion of the project management to young people – specifically to high school students and also staff, including teachers. As an ISIPM accredited teacher, he has taught project management in public and private institutions, in schools and in universities. He has experience in the organization of events and as a speaker in conferences, and also in proposing and managing EU-funded projects.

Alessandro can be contacted at a.quagliarini@gmail.com

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