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PMO Insights: Improving Strategy Delivery & PMO

Performance with Blockchain & Generative AI;

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By Sri Sudharshan M

Director – Communications
PMO Global Alliance India Hub

Bengaluru, India

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  • PMO Insights – September 2023

Topic: Improving Strategy Delivery & PMO Performance with Blockchain & Generative AI

In an era marked by rapid technological advancements, the Project Management Office (PMO) community is witnessing a groundbreaking shift in the way projects are strategized, executed, and monitored. To explore this transformational journey, the PMOGA India community hub organized a Panel Discussion on “Improving Strategy Delivery & PMO Performance with Blockchain & Generative AI.” This event brought together eminent panelists and experts from diverse domains, shedding light on the immense potential of Generative AI and Blockchain in revolutionizing project management.

The Distinguished Panelists

  1. Heba Al Shehhi– Head of PMO at Dubai Municipality and President of PMOGA UAE Hub.
  2. Col (Dr.) Inderjeet Singh – Chief Cyber Officer at Vara Technology and Co-Founder of India Blockchain Forum.
  3. Dr. Al Zeitoun – Senior Director Strategy at Siemens Digital Industries Software and PMI Fellow.
  4. Namita Jain – Insights Practice Lead, NASSCOM.

The panel discussion was expertly moderated by Dr. Mazin Gadir, a Digital Health Expert at the World Health Organization (WHO) and former PMI Board Member.

Setting the Stage: Gen AI Trends and Project Management

Dr. Mazin Gadir initiated the discussion by providing an insightful overview of the current trends in Generative AI (Gen AI) and their impact on project management across industries. He emphasized the pivotal role of AI in managing projects efficiently and effectively.

Heba Al Shehhi’s Vision: Use Cases for Generative AI

Heba Al Shehhi unveiled a captivating vision of how Generative AI and Blockchain can transform project management. She presented several use cases, including the introduction of a project co-pilot in the form of a Chatbot. This co-pilot can analyze delayed projects impacting key performance indicators (KPIs) and visualize. Additionally, she discussed using AI for budget estimation by custom machine learning based on project data and market insights. Heba also highlighted the potential of AI in identifying and preventing future roadblocks in projects.

Dr. Al Zeitoun’s Perspective: Embracing Technology for Impact

Dr. Al Zeitoun underscored the need to formalize the integration of technology within PMOs. He emphasized the transformative potential of technology in shaping the roles of Project Managers (PMs) and PMOs. Citing research data from PMI, he noted that technology can enhance project value delivery significantly. He emphasized the importance of data integrity in building confidence and efficiency in PMO operations.

Dr. Inderjeet on Benefits and Challenges of Blockchain and AI

Dr. Inderjeet explored the benefits and challenges of employing Blockchain and AI in PMO operations. He highlighted the synergy between Blockchain’s data security and smart contracts and AI’s task automation and data analytics. However, he also acknowledged the complexities of implementation, the need for design thinking, scalability issues, regulatory uncertainties, stakeholder adoption challenges, and potential data security risks. He stressed that the integration of AI and Blockchain could provide a competitive edge.


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About the Author

Sri Sudharshan.M

Chennai, India


Sri is a Project Management professional with CSM, SaFe Agilist 5.0, CBE, ITIL and SSGB certifications. He has more than sixteen years of experience in project management, PMO and has been responsible to deliver digital transformation projects. He holds a bachelor’s degree in public Administration, Master’s degree in Business Administration and an Executive Management Development Program in Project Management & Industry revolution 4.0 from Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode.

On a voluntary basis, he has been working for the PMO Global Alliance India Hub since July 2021 and he was elevated as Director of Communications from February 2023. His responsibilities include communication, public relations, and collaborations.

Sri can be contacted at indiahub@community.pmoga.world or via LinkedIn