My Volunteering experience with PMIEF


as a judge in Future City Competition



By Manuel M. Ancizu Beramendi

Pamplona, Spain


In this article, the author exposes his volunteering experiences with Project Management Institute Educational Foundation (PMIEF – https://pmief.org) as a judge in Future City Competition (https://futurecity.org ), which is an annual project-based learning program where about 40.000 students of 6th, 7th and 8th grade imagine, research, design and build cities of the future.

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Volunteering activities provide with excellent opportunities to access multiple learning experiences and to contribute to the development of the communities we live in by sharing our knowledge, skills and passion; among all of them, there are certainly many organizations where we can volunteer in something related to Project management.

This time I am writing about my volunteering experience with PMIEF ( https://pmief.org ),  which is the educational branch of Project Management Institute (PMI https://pmi.org ) and whose mission is to inspire and enable youth to develop their full potential and transform their lives through Project management.

Actually, projects allow value creation, transforming ideas and dreams into real value; This is known as “ideas to action”.

Future City Competition

Have you ever heard of Future City Competition? https://futurecity.org

It is a project-based learning program where about 40.000 students of 6th, 7th and 8th grade imagine, research, design and build cities of the future.

The themes are very engaging and challenging for the students; in year 2021, the theme was “Living on the Moon: designing a lunar city using available resources and keeping its citizens safe and healthy.” In year 2022, the theme has been “Design a waste-free city that uses the principles of a circular economy”, which is very connected to sustainability and the global targets to transition to a carbon neutral world by 2050. So good that students can dream, imagine and develop potential solutions for a better world.

I found it fascinating and immediately became curious about what the students’ proposals would look like and how they would use Project management tools to organize their work, keep them accountable and move from the idea to the final deliverable.

PMIEF sponsors Future City Competition, and it opened the possibility to collaborate with the event as a volunteer. Thus, with great excitement, I submitted my application to PMIEF to volunteer as a judge evaluating the projects created and executed by the participants.


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About the Author

Manuel Ancizu

Pamplona, Spain


Human leadership, Global Sustainable Projects, Renewable energy, Story-teller, Keynote speaker, Lifetime learner, Risk management, Standardization

Manuel Ancizu is passionate about human leadership, sustainable projects and people’s motivations. Enjoys working in international multicultural environments and wants to have a positive impact in society.

Manuel graduated in Economics from University of Navarra and obtained an MBA from IESE Business School (Spain); he has also studied in CEIBS (China) and University Anahuac del Sur (Mexico). He holds a number of professional certificates such as the PMP by Project Management Institute, Lead Auditor in ISO 9001:2015 by IRCA Association and has also received training in Management of Development Projects and Risk Management by Interamerican Development Bank (IDB).

Manuel has lived in Spain, France, UK and Mexico; he currently works in the wind energy sector leading the quality management of Offshore projects. Manuel has been involved in wind energy renewable projects developed in different parts of the globe with external customers, as well as in internal projects of cultural transformation, IT and global processes.

Thanks to his experience, he has delivered training sessions, lectures and keynotes to a different number of institutions.

Manuel is a qualified member of the Spanish Standardization Body (UNE) and has been involved in the development of Standards and Norms in Projects, Programs and Portfolios; he has also participated in the translation of different ISO 21500 to Spanish language.

Manuel loves smiling, storytelling, dreaming and making ideas come true in a sustainable manner.

Manuel lives in Pamplona, Spain and can be contacted at manuel@manuelancizu.com