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24 June 2024

Ref: (1) Ozoux, J. L. (2024).  Better progress measurement is the secret to successful projects – and a crucial objective for IT in project-driven organisations, PM World Journal, Vol. XIII, Issue V, May.  Available online at https://pmworldlibrary.net/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/pmwj141-May2024-Ozoux-better-progress-measurement-is-the-secret-2.pdf


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Dear Editor

My last month’s letter on the subject of better progress measurement only addressed measuring work performance with unweighted milestones in terms of the project schedule. Subsequently, however, I was involved in a couple of discussions on Earned Value analysis, which – as we all know — entails integrated work, schedule & cost performance assessment.  During one meeting[1] I revisited and reiterated my integrated 13-point Project Performance ‘IPPSTAT’ scale[2] based on project status possibilities in terms of EVM variables. I subsequently updated the related quick & easytemplate to share with conferees, incorporating traditional SPI and CPI indicators, and also renamed the 13-point indicatorIPPI’ to clarify and emphasize its integrated stance.  These changes are shown herein as Figures 1 and 2 on the following pages.

As a ‘NIH’ (i.e. Not Invented Here) nonentity, there is little likelihood the US Government will adopt or adapt IPPSTAT in toto.  Nevertheless, other organizations unbounded by such strictures &/or beyond my immediate reach may still find IPPSTAT useful. [Copies of these updates are therefore available for free from kenfsmith@aol.com, on request.]  To emulate Alexander Pope’s admonition:[3]For means of measurement let fools contest. That which measures best is best.’


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How to cite this work: Smith, K. F. (2024). More on Measuring Project Performance, Letter to the Editor, PM World Journal, Vol. XIII, Issue VII, July. Available online at https://pmworldlibrary.net/wp-content/uploads/2024/06/pmwj143-Jul2024-Smith-More-on-Measuring-Project-Performance-Letter-to-Editor.pdf

By Dr. Kenneth Smith

Manila, The Philippines

[1] FYI, US government authorities are currently reviewing – with intent to update — age-old EVM guidelines. However, whether or not they ‘double down,’ or even extend extant EVM measurement, monitoring & reporting practices – despite some current concerns about their utility – or incorporate new features is beyond my purview here.

[2] An approach which I researched, developed and presented to PMI — and others — some 24 years ago; have since advocated and taught to participants in my workshop seminars, propounded in several previous PMWJ articles available amid other articles at www.pmworldlibrary.net; and now explicated and currently conveniently consolidated in the Earned Value Section of my recent book MUSINGS on Project Management; available on Amazon.

[3]For forms of Government let fools contest. Whate’er is best administered is best.” Alexander Pope: An Essay on Man’ 1733