July 2021 PM Update from Argentina



By Adriana Cibelli

International Correspondent

Buenos Aires, Argentina


PMI Buenos Aires Argentina Chapter celebrates its first 25 years!

This is a very special year for PMI Buenos Aires Chapter (PMIBA), this year we are celebrating its 25 years of life, the “silver anniversary”! And it is, at the same time, PMI Argentina’s silver anniversary, since PMIBA was the first PMI chapter in our country and for that reasson, our three PMI Argentina Chapters are celebrating together this important milestone.

We are also celebrating the great fellowship, the impressive partnership, the integration, the brotherhood that we, the three PMI Chapters in Argentina, have achieved.

For me, personally, it is also very special given that this year of celebrations, I am PMIBA’s President.

As its President, I have set for my management period some key objectives; one of them is the consolidation of this joint work of the three Chapters of Argentina (I’ll be speaking about this later in this report), and the other is to reach every private company and every government agency of my country but is also to get to everyone involved in projects, even when they may be not know they are efectively working in a project, with our good practices and new ways of working, with the hope of giving them all some kind of help to better manage their projects at every level and have social, cultural and economic impact. Maybe too ambitious, but it’s motivating to have important goals, we spend too much time on our tasks to have simple, easily achievable ambitions!

These are Argentina’s PMI Chapters, in order of appearance: PMI Buenos Aires Chapter with Branches in the city of Rosario (province of Santa Fé) and in the cities of La Plata, Pilar and Campana (province of Buenos Aires); PMI Nuevo Cuyo Chapter with Branches in Mendoza, San Luis, San Juan and La Rioja (western Argentine provinces) and PMI Córdoba Chapter (with a regional community in the province of Tucumán, in northwestern Argentina).

These three Chapters have the responsibility of covering the enormous territory that goes from La Quiaca, at 3,442 meters above sea level (in the north  of the country on the border with our beloved neighbours, Bolivia) to Usuahia, the southernmost city of the world in our province of Tierra del Fuego, in the south of the country, looking towards Antarctica; and from the Atlantic Ocean on the east, to the Andes Mountains on the west, bordering our sister country of Chile, with the imposing Cordillera de los Andes separating us (it unites as at the same time), where our majestic Cerro Aconcagua stays as a King on the top, the highest in the southern western hemisphere with 6,962 meters above sea level, it is also the highest peak in America and is the second highest globally after the Himalayas in Asia.

Our 2.78 million square kilometers of territory (the eighth largest country in the world) are almost impossible to cover with only three chapters, their branches and a few regional communities; we just cover with our actions only the central and northern part of our country. We are committed to work hard to reach a bigger área in a not too distant future.

I’m sharing some photographs of the three regions at the end of this report, with the hope

that when our tourist trips return, a reader of this report will be motivated to come and visit us. We’ll receive you all with great enthusiasm!

In 2018 we started to organize an anual meeting of our three chapters looking forward to have the chapters working togheter to take better advantage of efforts, knowledge and synergies. Since then, we have been meeting every year in a different city of our country, getting to know each other better, building a unified visión, defining  actions and joining forces to have a greater impact in our community.

Ending difficult year 2020, with the slogan “PMI Motiva, Inspira e Impacta” (PMI Motivates, inspires and impacts), we met for the third consecutive year at what we called REMA 2020.

The name REMA is adapted from regional meetings (REM) but only for volunteers and leaders of PMI chapters in Argentina.

This third edition had to go virtual since the COVID 19 pandemic prevented the face-to-face meeting.


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About the Author

Adriana Cibelli

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Adriana Cibelli, PMP is Director of activePMO, a Project Management and Leadership consulting services and training firm in Argentina.  Adriana has a degree in Electronic Engineering from Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina, and a post degree in Design of Intelligent Buildings, from the same university and has managed projects for more than 20 years. She is a professor and director of Project Management and Leadership programs in some important Universities of Argentina and an International speaker. Adriana holds the Project Management Professional (PMP®) credential, is certified as Scrum Master (CSM) from Scrum Alliance, PMO-CP from PMO Global Alliance, and an SDI Certified Facilitator from Personal Strengths©.

Mrs. Cibelli is member and volunteer of PMI, has been Professional Development VP of the Board of Directors of PMI Buenos Aires and is the former Governance & Policies VP in the same chapter. Elected President in 2019, Adriana became President of the PMI Buenos Aires Chapter on January 1st, 2021. She is also working as a coordinator for the C.A.P.A. committee with the goal of integrating efforts and sharing resources between Argentinian PMI Chapters.

Adriana serves as an international correspondent for the PM World Journal in Argentina since February 2020. She can be contacted at adriana@activepmo.com and www.activepmo.com.

To view other works by Adriana Cibelli, visit her author showcase in the PM World Library at https://pmworldlibrary.net/authors/adriana-cibelli/