December 2023 PM Update from Rome



By Alessandro Quagliarini

International Correspondent

Rome, Italy

The Italian Event on Project Management


This fourth 2023 Regional Report highlights PM Expo® 2023, the main event in Italy dedicated to Project Management. Organized annually in Rome, this major appointment is hosted by the prominent Italian Association of Project Management, known as the Italian Institute of Project Management (ISIPM). The PM Word Journal has been the official media partner as announced in its latest September Issue[1]. This edition has seen huge participation and involvement of people, especially in workshops aimed to deep dive into the practical exercise of Project Management. Hence the evidence that, alongside the knowledge theory, there is a common need for practicing the PM skills.

The Project Management Expo 2023[2] (PM Expo® 2023)

This year about 1000 people in presence attended the event, subdivided in six different rooms dedicated to the following topics:

    • Public Administration
    • Innovation & Sustainability
    • Artificial Intelligence & Metaverse
    • Health & Sport
    • Workshops

The event introduction: ISIPM President (Graziano Trasarti[3]) & the PM Expo® 2023 Project Manager (Emanuele Remediani[4]) introducing the speeches of the day

In this article I’ll try to cover most of the event that in this edition including the reach of concurrent sessions.

Maturing status of public sector PM services and ongoing challenges

One of the first speeches was about the urgent need to strengthen the administrative status in terms of Project Management discipline. The adoption of project management is the key element for a necessary paradigm change in the world of public construction,  that allows better responses to the needs of the community. “Public should work with limited time and costs”: although this assumption is increasingly true, the introduction of PM in public works still struggles to catch on. The intervention presented an analysis of:

– the evolution of the regulatory framework with the new procurement code;

– public demand for PM services in the last year.

The speech concluded with the presentation of the virtuous model adopted by Jubilee 2025 and an analysis of the challenges faced in the last year and the main challenges for next year.

The first speech: Giorgio Lupoi[5] talking about the Maturing status of public sector PM services and ongoing challenges – Jubilee 2025 a model to replicate

Project Management meets intellectual property

In another stream of the PMexpo, Leonardo Maria Seri[6] discussed to what extent the protection of an intangible assets in the management of a project, for the company and the life of a business, can have an important role to achieve a competitive advantage in the market and to protect investments, which could give lead to innovations and build the recognizability of a product or a brand.  Whether it is managing the development and launch of new products or new brands, in the context of a collaboration between companies to innovate or to enter new markets we need to make clear what can be protected and with what tools: we must analyze, design and plan the protection of intellectual property assets in project management, defining their objectives and timing, identifying the most appropriate tools to achieve the objectives set, also taking into account costs and protection strategies. Proper planning and management of Intellectual Property assets protection strategies allow organizations to lay a solid foundation for protection against usurpers and counterfeiters and is useful to further enhance your assets.


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About the Author

Alessandro Quagliarini

Rome, Italy


Alessandro Quagliarini, MScEng, PMP, MBA, is an experienced Program Manager, with more than 18 years of experience in the ICT sector. He holds a Master’s Degree in Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” and a Doctor’s degree in Business Administration from the Bologna University Business School. He got both PMP® and ISIPM-Av® advanced certifications in Project Management, and he is also certified as an Information Management Systems Lead Auditor. He is a Member of the Board of the “Italian Institute of Project Management” (ISIPM) for ten years, and he is an Accredited Teacher in Project Management.

Alessandro is currently engaged in the “Digital Transformation” engineering and industrialization programs of the new Italian “Open Fiber” telecommunications network, with particular focus on the engineering of delivery and assurance processes for the provision of retail, business and industries customers, on the operational management and procurement support for the definition of specifications and contracts, on the definition of operating rules/ instructions for maintenance and of requirements for systems development, on the support to the commercial and regulatory lines for the definition of services and processes for customers (Other Licensed Operators and Industries), and on the definition and management of operations compliance with ISO Standards and International Best Practices.

As a Member of the ISIPM Board, he focuses his volunteer activities mainly on the cultural diffusion of the project management to young people – specifically to high school students and also staff, including teachers. As an ISIPM accredited teacher, he has taught project management in public and private institutions, in schools and in universities. He has experience in the organization of events and as a speaker in conferences, and also in proposing and managing EU-funded projects.

Alessandro can be contacted at a.quagliarini@gmail.com

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