December 2022 Update from PMO Global Alliance India Hub


PMOGA Hub of the Year,

PMOGA Volunteer of the Year,

PMO India Awards



By Linda Ottmann

Chief Communications Officer
PMO Global Alliance India Hub
International Correspondent, PMWJ

Nuremburg, Germany and Bengaluru, India

 News Snippets

  • PMO India Hub awarded as 2022 PMOGA HUB OF THE YEAR

We are super thrilled and honoured to be awarded as the 2022 PMOGA HUB OF THE YEAR at PMO Global Awards in Riyadh.
We sincerely thank our amazing volunteers Mahesh EV, Sri Sudharshan M, Vignesh Jayaraman and Harini Thammaiah who are always on – you are a great support! We also thank our members, partners and sponsors for their wonderful support. Additionally, we would like to extend our gratitude to Americo Pinto and PMO Global Alliance for their constant encouragement and guidance.

  • PMO India Hub’s president Gaurav Dhooper awarded as 2022 PMOGA VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR

Our President Gaurav Dhooper was awarded the 2022 PMOGA VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR Award. He absolutely deserved it. Gaurav has done so much volunteer work and supported wherever possible. We are very proud of him. Congratulations!

  • PMO India Awards

After the awards is before the awards: The first phase of the PMO India Awards is over and we have received the applications. The second phase, the evaluation, will begin shortly. Stay tuned!


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How to cite this interview:  How to cite this report: Ottmann, L. (2022). Project Management Update from PMOGA India Hub; report, PM World Journal, Vol. XI, Issue XII, December. Available online at https://pmworldlibrary.net/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/pmwj124-Dec2022-Ottmann-Update-PMOGA-India-Hub-report.pdf

About the Author

Linda Ottmann

Nuremberg, Germany


Linda Ottmann is a certified CPM (IAPM), CAPM (IAPM) and CIPM (CEPM). She has more than five years of experience in project management and has been responsible for traditional as well as agile projects. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management from the Harz University of Applied Sciences and a Master’s degree in International Management from the Bochum University of Applied Sciences. Currently she is working for the International Association of Project Managers (IAPM) as CCO, where she is responsible for internal as well as external communication.

On a voluntary basis, she has been working for the PMO Global Alliance India Hub as CCO since January 2022. Her responsibilities there include communication, public relations and collaborations. In February 2022, she started reporting as an international correspondent for the PM World Journal to inform PMWJ readers about activities of the PMO Global Alliance and the India Hub in particular.

Linda can be contacted at indiahub@community.pmoga.world or via LinkedIn.

To view other works by Linda Ottmann, visit her author showcase in the PM World Library at https://pmworldlibrary.net/authors/linda-ottmann/