August 2022 PM Update


from PMO Global Alliance India Hub


PMOGA AI Conference;

PMO Global Awards Quarter Finals/Semi-Finals;

Super Star PMO Podcast; PMO India Awards 2022;

Research project “Current State of PMOs in India”;

“PMOs in Transformation”; and

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By Linda Ottmann

Chief Communications Officer
PMO Global Alliance India Hub
International Correspondent, PMWJ

Nuremburg, Germany and Bengaluru, India

 News Snippets

  • PMOGA AI Conference

Our President Gaurav Dhooper and Ambassador Kartikeyan Ramamurthy were speakers at the PMO Global Alliance Artificial Intelligence Conference 2022. They spoke on the topic “AI bringing Paradigm Shift and Transformation in Project Management”. It was great that the two of them had an active role in shaping the conference. Further information can be found here: https://www.pmoga.world/events/pmoga-ai-conference

  • PMO Global Awards Quarter Finals/Semi-Finals

The PMO Global Award ceremony is getting closer and closer: On 9th November, the PMO Leader of the World will be announced. The PMO Leaders of the Year of Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas will be announced on 1st September and the pre-selections are already in full swing. Check out this page to stay up to date: https://www.pmoga.world/pmo-global-awards-fixtures

  • Super Star PMO Podcast

We are delighted that our newest partner is giving us a platform for our Super Star PMO Podcast. The first episode was released in July. The host of the podcast Sri Sudharshan along with his first guest Harikuttan Kochukunju talked about the topic of PMO Maturity.   You can listen to the first episode here: https://www.thepmoleader.com/podcasts/super-star-pmo-podcast/episodes/2147766217

  • PMO India Awards 2022

Speaking of podcasts: There is a new short podcast episode available on Gaurav Dhooper’s Spotify account: The topic of the episode is the PMO India Awards 2022. Are you excited to find out what the PMO India Awards 2022 will bring? It won’t be long before we get started: the second edition will be launched in September. Stay tuned!  Listen to the latest episode here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/37jFjI1j9tAXZXCdAKzWPM

  • Research project: “Current State of PMOs in India”

In the last issue of the PM World Journal, we published the interim status of our survey on “Current State of PMOs in India”. Now we are moving on to the next phase of the survey. We appreciate every response!  You can support us here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1w5rgjjTcxs-EkAq7bnR5kK6SjffwRROg5hvsL8gRNv0


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How to cite this work: Ottmann, L. (2022). Project Management Update from PMO Global Alliance India Hub, report, PM World Journal, Vol. XI, Issue VIII, August. Available online at https://pmworldlibrary.net/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/pmwj120-Aug2022-Ottmann-Update-PMOGA-India-Hub-report.pdf

About the Author

Linda Ottmann

Nuremberg, Germany


Linda Ottmann is a certified CPM (IAPM), CAPM (IAPM) and CIPM (CEPM). She has more than five years of experience in project management and has been responsible for traditional as well as agile projects. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management from the Harz University of Applied Sciences and a Master’s degree in International Management from the Bochum University of Applied Sciences. Currently she is working for the International Association of Project Managers (IAPM) as CCO, where she is responsible for internal as well as external communication.

On a voluntary basis, she has been working for the PMO Global Alliance India Hub as CCO since January 2022. Her responsibilities there include communication, public relations and collaborations. In February 2022, she started reporting as an international correspondent for the PM World Journal to inform PMWJ readers about activities of the PMO Global Alliance and the India Hub in particular.

Linda can be contacted at indiahub@community.pmoga.world or via LinkedIn.